I need a BenQ 1640! What drive can i crossflash to have one?

Since BenQ is going to Heaven, how can i get a 1640 from crossflashing another model?

If you’re in the US someone at FW noted that the price has been raised on the still out of stock 1640 at ZipZoomFlyas though they’re anticipating getting more in. You could sign up for autonotify anfd keep checking in here in case that doesn’t work.

Here’s the link for the 1640 @ ZZF:

Right now they have the beige 1650 in stock $37.49 shipped:

Compusa has Norwood DVDRW with either DW1640 and DW1650 written on the box. go find for yourself.

Then you could try SONY 801UA(model number correct?)

if you are totally desperate, buy the PX740A or PX740U2F :slight_smile: assuming money is not the issue here. (well I did get mine for $10 after many anonying rebates)