I need a 1800 - 2000 watt power supply

Ok, so I’m building a computer for a friend, and its a beast. It has a skull trail mother board with two 3.2 ghz quad core2 extreme processors and 4 - hd 4890’s. There is all the bells and whiles too. The minimum power requirement is around 1600 watts. I need a power supply preferably 1800 to 2000 watts. Price doesn’t matter and it needs to be atx or extended atx.

does anyone know of some supplies? even server supplies that would work?

Good grief…that’s a lot of power to suck up. I hope you and/or your friend knows that you’ll likely need a 230-V/240-V AC source to use a beast like that due to the amount of current draw from the outlet. Thermaltake and Ultra make something along that range in an ATX format, but may not be available in the states.

Sounds like overkill to me. I hope your going to be running super high resolution LCD’s like the 2560x1600 resolution monitors.

The highest I see is 1300W at Newegg

You can look though the list of high efficient PSU’s Here

[U][B]Ultra products[/B][/U]

[B]X3 1600-Watt Energy Efficient Modular Power Supply[/B]

[B]Link:[/B] http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_details.php?cPath=97&pPath=632&productID=639

Ultra products unveiled a 2000-watt X3 ATX power supply back in 2007, but I don’t it made it to market as far as I know.

[B]Link:[/B] http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/05/ultra-products-unveils-2000-watt-x3-atx-power-supply/

[U][B]E-Power EP-2KW 2000 Watt[/B][/U]

[B]Link:[/B] http://www.epowertec.com/ep-2000p10-t3.html

[B]Review:[/B] http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/epower_2kw/


platinumsword’s suggestions seem to be possible options.
Maybe I read the spec sheet incorrectly but the e-power 2000W seems to have only 3 8-pin connectors for v-cards though.
I couldn’t reach the ultra power site to glance at the specs.

There is a 1500W:
Xigmatek NRP-HC1501
but it has only two 8-pin connectors which won’t cut it with 4 cards.

Seems like mod time.

Ultra :Z

Honestly I think you will have more fun with a single core i7 920 under water OC’d to at least 4.0Ghz and running a pair of GTX285’s or HD4890’s.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2252354]Ultra :Z

Honestly I think you will have more fun with a single core i7 920 under water OC’d to at least 4.0Ghz and running a pair of GTX285’s or HD4890’s.[/QUOTE]

I agree, unless you already have the CPUs and the skulltrail board. A Core i7 system will be cheaper, won’t have very long boot times, will consume less electricity, and might even be quicker in games.

i ran dual psus when i had a skulltrail setup

This requirement will exceed the capacity of most 110v sockets, so if you’re based in the US, you’ll most likely need a dual-PSU setup or a 1.8kW+ PSU with two power inputs, like the E-Power platinumsword mentioned. Most European sockets handle up to 3.5kW and sockets in the UK & Ireland handle up to 3.2kW (e.g. some rapid boil kettles). I’m not sure about other countries.

As all the energy a PC takes ends up being exhausted as heat, make sure you have adequate cooling to deal with this. Most electric heaters are rated at 1.5kW, so this will be potentially be producing as much heat as an electric 1.5kW oil-filled radiator (without a thermostat :eek: ) when all GPUs and CPU cores are running near or at max capacity. So don’t be surprised if you need to open a few windows or run an air conditioner with this beast.

Thats a really good point Sean. In the US its not uncommon to have a 15A breaker on a regular line, so a 2KW PSU would definitly be at the limit for that line, especially if there were a TV or something else on the same line. Or even worse in the US, I think in the 70’s there was a copper shortage or something and some houses have Aluminum wireing. Some sockets can glow in the dark from the ohmic heating.

thanks everyone for their input. I think I’m going to go with the epower 2000 watt. This power supply does take two power chords so I think I’ll be alright.

Realize two power cords doesn’t mean to connect them to the same outlet or even power line running from the breaker box.

I know it’s a old thread but I was just on a search for a 1800 w power supply my self and came across this thread … thanks to the people who posted the parts I was able to source one from the links and names you gave !! … second … these people chiming in about power consumption … I am now currently running a 1800 w power supply … and from a electricians point of view … a 1800 or 2000 watt power supply is a peek rating NOT a RMS rating I was very hard pressed to find a 2000 W RMS rated power supply … that being said power supplys are much like speakers … you buy a 300 watt speaker it’s RMS is in the 150-200 range … now there are some speakers that are RMS rated so there for a 2000W power supply is quite capable of running on a 15 amp dedicated outlet 2000w / 120v is 16.666666666 amps the RMS on most of those powersupplys are actually closer to the 1500W range 1500W/120 is 12.5 amps so thats right around the 80% that’s allowed by code to be drawn on a 15 amp cct so you still have 3 spare amps not to mention that the rated peek wattage is tested in the factory normally around the 120-125 mark most houses are lucky to have 120 normally in the 114 -117volt range on avg so this effects your draw as well so there is still room for peek start up IE when fan motors start up that sorta thing. and that’s only for a split second that it draws high inrush to start the fan I could really get in to the theory of it but it’s really boring … i have been running my 1800w on a dedicated 15 amp cct for some time now without a problem … rock on and keep building sick pc’s