I need 822a@830afw_patcher.exe

i already made my 800a to 822a
now i want to 822a to 830a

but i cant find 822a@830aโ€™s patcher

is anyone can send it patcher to me?
Thanks much :bow: :bow: :bow:

E-mail: wingmanx2@hotmail.com

If I were you, I WOULD NOT DO IT !!! There is no way back to a DW822A after you make it a DW830A. If you look carefully at some of the review pictures the PCB on the 830 is different than the 822/800. Someone also tried to burn DL medial on a 800@830 and it was a FAILURE.

Yes, I too suggest holding off on that too.

My 800@830 is doing great but I have no way back to 822. I am looking forward to trying some dl media on my own drive when I can ever find some. Not that I donโ€™t trust the test that were made before. In the past I have had VSO fail on a few burns at the very end for no reason. I canโ€™t remember if it was my LiteOn 811 or my Benq 800, but I donโ€™t put my faith in VSO all the time.