I must make up my mind now but which one?



Ok, all I want is a burned which makes good burns with good discs (Taiyo Yuden and maybe Verbatim and in case non of them are readable in my Gamecube Riteks :() and I think it would be nice if it did quality scans since I have quite a lot of DVDs of questionable quality.

I don’t care that much about rip speed, burn speed, cd-copies, copy protections, …

To make it easier for you I will list four alternatives:

* Plextor PX-755A
It’s NOT much more expensive so don’t judge on that. However their policys seems to suck and scans will take much longer time with this one? Also the new LGs burn discs even better?
Also limited community support/retarded behavior from the company isn’t good for me since I won’t use the drive only in Windows.

* LG H22N or whatever it was called.
Is this still the best LG? Does it have the best burns? It don’t do scans thought. Or are there some other LG which does as good or almost as good burns + scans aswell?

* Lite-On LH-20A1P
When I read some scan threads a few weeks ago it seemed the (then) latest Lite-On drive didn’t do so good burns, but from the review of this one it seems like a very nice drive. Was the other one another drive or what is up? New firmware which fixes the troubles? Does this even do good burns except it’s also a scanner aswell?
What’s the difference of this drive and the LH-20A1H?

* Wait for Plextor to release whatever lite-on based drive and buy that one if it’s cheaper / buy the comparable lite-on drive and flash it.

I wanted to make a poll but then people would vote without telling why so I skip that. Tell me which drive you suggest and why. Other alternatives (LG bla bla 42 and so on) is ok aswell if you give a reason for it.

Is the Lite-On a very good drive? ;/
Which 18/20x lite-on was the one with mediocre burn quality?


LG H22N because although it doesn’t scan it gives super fast burns at super good quality at super quite sound levels. It is also very affordable.


And scan with what drive? My current drive is an LG gma-4020b which isn’t that fast :wink: (and doesn’t do scans, and probably have shitty support for new media.)


LG GSA-H22 is a very good and reliable drive, but if you want to scan then you should buy Lite-On LH-20A1P or one of the LH-18A1H / SHM-165P6S / SHW-16H5S drives.


I’d get the Plextor - the last of a dying breed - and you get a 2-year “Fast Warranty Service”. LG’s and Lite-On’s will be around for awhile. For your “questionnable” DVD’s a “Transfer Rate Test” in CD-DVD Speed will be sufficient (or you can get a cheap (bulk) Lite-On drive for scanning).


Buy both the LG H-22N and a LITE-ON LH-20A1P and forget the overpriced Plextor. They are a dying breed for good reason.


Dunno, I’m listening to a concert DVD from my new PX-760SA and whether it’s the Plex or SATA, the sound is out of this world. Same Audigy-Kenwood-Speakers I’m used to.


lol, well I’m one of those who don’t trust that various digital electronics makes a difference :wink:

As long as your DVD is readable and don’t require error correction your sound will be 100% the same. I guess you could run an md5sum of the whole dvd-image with two drives and compare them, if they are the same and you play the sound thru the same program why on earth would the sound be different?

Plextor PX-755A/T3, 16XDVD±RW
583 sek.

362 sek.

Uhm, weird, can’t find the lg using a swedish price comparision site.

299 sek

only in one store for 639 sek …

(was http://www.buggy.nu/ but http://www.prisjakt.nu/ might have them, I’m to lazy to check thought ;))


Plextor PX-755A
560 sek

303 sek

Lite-On LH-20A1P
313 sek

Pioneer DVR-111D
304 sek

So H22N+LH-20A1P = 616 vs PX-755A for 560 sek. But I’d rather take only one drive if there was one which fit it all =P


From the reviews:

          lite-on  lg

  pi max  22       14
  pi avg   4.88     2.91
 pif max   2        2
 pif avg   0.03     0.03

  pi max   9       10
  pi avg   0.78     0.31
 pif max   2        2
 pif avg   0.01     0.00

  pi max  48       71
  pi avg   3.48    28.90
 pif max   2        2
 pif avg   0.00     0.00
  pi max           61
  pi avg           20.57
 pif max            2
 pif avg            0.00

  pi max  43       35
  pi avg   5.28     2.34
 pif max   7        2
 pif avg   0.02     0.00

  pi max  14       94
  pi avg   3.26    22.29
 pif max   2       10
 pif avg   0.01     0.89

Is the lite-no “a bad burner”? Or is it decent but just not the very best one? That is can I survive with just buying the lite-on? Feels like such a waste to have two ones if the quality isn’t much better with another drive.


Well, Cressida, if you think you can [I]hear[/I] the difference between a Plextor and any other properly functioning DVD burner, well, more power to your golden ears. In my experience they either play back properly or they don’t. Somewhat off-topic, I once owned a Cressida. Nice car with a great sound system for its day. They don’t make 'em anymore. Just like Plextors.


Ordered the Lite-On LH-20A1P, and a 6800 LE 128MB AGP, and a Canon 4400F scanner, and a Razer DeathAdder mouse :wink:


I hope you have success with your 20A1P, johankh. I’ve had great results with mine but others haven’t- hit and miss on QC I guess! Look for COdeKing’s modified firmware to speed up 12X burns and allow enhanced overspeeding on all media if you’re into such things.


I’d rather have good than fast burns but thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Feel free to pm / e-mail me about other firmwares which might improve functionality, but maybe there aren’t any?

How does it speed up 12x burns? Enhanced overspeeding = overspeed burns on more media?

If it sucks I can still get the LG GSA-H22N aswell, but I’d rather not get it to in case the lite-on is good enough =P