I must have a good "Sheep" Burner

I must have a good “Sheep” Burner. { LiteOn LTR 32123s } .

I made backups of Max Payne, GTA3, Mafia, using Clony XXL, and CloneCD. I just let Clony scan the original, then without touching any of the settings, I Let Clony, open CloneCD, and then burn it. I even read the original from my LiteOn DVD. [ Always thought the “best” way was to read and write with the cdrw, but I can do both ]
My only question is, can I set the read and write speeds to “Max” ? I think I read at a much slower speed.

Write speed can always be max (unless your media can’t be burned at max speed).

Reading at max speed can cause bad images in some cases (especially with scratched/dirty discs etc)