I must apologize to you all

how true…i’ve never heard of DVD recorder leaving one computer for another…

as for the bike riding hes not doing much of that anymore I’m sure the Mrs has him on a short leash…

Holy c#*p…that a pedal pumping panzy (I like alliteration…it’s fun). Tacks would be nice. No matter, all that bike riding would probably turn his testicles into something similar to raisins. No good for S_S in the long run. I’m betting the Benq will be a bit more faithful. :iagree:

I am also quite proud at the way that you have embraced the darkside (BT). :stuck_out_tongue:

SS, is having fun again,eh?

/me suspects SS has LOTS of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

/me suspects debro isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer…sexy here posting all the time= not having LOTS of fun…:wink:

thank you kindly Sir…it is amazing how fast one can fill up their hard drive when constanly DLing…:smiley: i need to find a great deal on DVD’s now…:wink: :eek:

^Should look at my Verbatim deal post in the Bargain Basement Forum-eh!

Of course you realise you can’t be having lots of fun all the time, Your body would wear out in just 30 years :wink:

And besides … I’ve heard stories about Women having WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much fun for their own good, and then it isn’t fun anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

wow… all at once i feel bad for you and… kinda backhanded… i hve fun reading your posts and i am sure i am not the only one :flower:

Well see…if you were close by…i’m sure we would go out for drinks and just hang out…and that would keep me from posting a lot as well…:smiley: i didn’t mean it in a bad way…just kinda feeling sorry for myself…thats all :frowning:

That’s what the cdfreaks pub is for & chat :wink:

Incidentally, does anyone know where I can get “Madlien” posted to me?
I’ve only found it in Malta (since it’s a maltese liquor) and I managed to find a very old listing on ebay in a language I can’t read.

Damnit … if these cravings keep going, I’m gonna have to fly to the other side of the world!

Damn… now you make me wanna move to MI :slight_smile:
you add so much to the forum with your posts i would hate to see you post less :iagree: so what is it gonna take to turn the frown around? :iagree:

Either less wild jungle sex! Or more chances to participate in it.

after the whoa nellie thing… i really get uncomfortable when you post after me… can you post first?

Lol, You want me to be the Alpha and you be the Omega?

That’s even worse … you know, the whole “Alpha Male” thing.

Now you’ve got terrible thoughts in my head … starting with the everyday habits of chimpanzees … eeeeewwwww!

Melon breasted Valkyries, Melon breasted Valkyries, Melon breasted valkyries…

i kinda doubt this exchange is going to cheer up SS but i guess i will continue to post first and you can do that whole Ω thing.

just stop staring at my butt ok?

Stop pointing that thing at me!

Ah, homoerotic banter…just the thing to cheer S_S up! If this doesn’t put a smile on your face S_S, then I don’t know what to do with ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

And you too!

i have enough GAY friends…i need a partner…dang it…and fast!
Debro stop looking at Cnslon’s butt…between that and the panties your making me wonder if you are NOT my twin brother…