I miss my plextor 716a *sniff *sniff

It finally died last week… kind of suddenly. Refused to burn anything on cdr’s unless i used a geniun TY cdr… but the laser power calibration would run like 4 or 5 cycles before a burn (or failed burn). Then when it did burn it would not be able to read that the cdr was written to!! sheesh… so i did the jumper diagnostic test and tried with two seperate media and yep it had failed…So I RMA’d it to plextor. But I bought a back up drive now… one of those new BENQ 1655. I like the BenQ…but I still miss the plextor. It had as good quality burns and was a better disk reader! Too bad my warrenty is about 3 months till its up!!!
My wife likes the lightscribe thing for her music cdr’s and our local walmart sells them now for about 60 cents a piece… better than a lot of online dealers.

I thought I would post this so others whose plextors failed would know you are not alone…

sorry to hear of your loss…

i’ve got two 716As that have never been RMAed (TLA 0101 and 0202) and are out of warranty already (purchased Nov and Dec '04 respectively)…dreading the day they go belly up…

LOL, we are still talking about optical drives here, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed, but as a Sr. Mod on a forum called CDFreaks, you should know what our ODDs mean to all of us :wink:

Hehe, ok, ok :iagree:

I might be mistaken, but I believe your replacement drive will be under a new warranty up until a year after its manufacture date. As long as they don’t send you back your original drive, everything should be fine. I’m waiting for my replacement drive now so I know how you feel. Best of luck!

Straight from Plextor…the replacement drive will be warranteed until the end of the warrantee period of the original drive. I have a replacement 716A with a manufacture date of 6/05…but my first drive was purchased in Jan 05…so my warrantee is up this month. That is what I was told.


I emailed plextor

We can cover the drive up to 2 weeks past the date of purchase,the warranty stays with the one year from original date of purchase it does not get extended to one year from the replacement

I think the 2 weeks is cause my drive didnt ship till two weeks AFTER i bought the thing… Back orderd… I bought in APRIL 2005 and that is exactly when it was made… :cool: