I miss a "need compression" indicator


I use DVD2One from the first day on and it works nearly perfect for me. But there is one thing, I really miss…
I often copy just the movie and I also strip the commentary and other Surround Audio Tracks, I didn’t need. Often the movie will fit then on a DVD-R, without compression and lot’s of space is still free on the DVD.
At this moment I often think that I would have had enough space on the DVD-R free to add subtitels or additional languages - but I still know this, after I used DVD2One.

Wouldn’t it be nice and possible, to add an “need compression” indicator to DVD2One which shows me in realtime, if “stripping” is enough to fit to a DVD-R or if also a compression is needed?


I click on “AC3 German” - green indicator: no compression needed.
I also click on “AC3 English” - still green indicator: no compression needed.
I click on “english Subtitle” - yellow indicator: “little” compression needed.
I click on three additional languages - red indicator: high compression needed (it would be better to reduce some langiuages).

What do you think?

I hope you understand what I try to say…


I understand what you say, but that’s something that might be done in the future but not yet.
(to make this acurate we need to read trough the entire file to have the endsize of soundtracks)

The general rule now is to use a calculator and do some math by your self.
A ac3 track is most of the time somewhere around the 500-700 Mb in size.
So deduct the number of removed tracks from the starting size and you have your answer.

I cannot follow you here, ReneB.
The audio streams have a constant bitrate, so calculating their size is simple math.

You have got the time of the movie, the bitrates of the audio streams and the size of the movie with all streams.
Since subtitles only add 10MB or less, they can be ignored.
I’m really with Gerti here. It would be a really useful feature without much coding effort.

Audio Bitrate * Time = Size of Audio Stream
Movie size - n(Audio bitrate * Time) = Video only size

Then you can add the video size and the size of the audio streams according to which streams are checked by the user.
Also, you can inform about the compression rate of the video:

(4.36GB - n(Audio bitrate * Time) ) * 100 / Video only size

You could even compare avg. bitrate of source and destination.
I would very much love to see this feature! Really! Please think it over ReneB :bow:

DVDToolbox will show you an approximation of how much space you’ll save by deleting audio streams and/or subtitles. It works for movie-only rips, though.

lichtgestalt, you are correct i was thinking waaay to difficult here.

Just a note…dvdtoolbox approximation is quite accurate. I’ve let it do a real analysis (about 8 or 10 times) which takes about 5 mins or so and it’s usually within 0.02GB … example 5.36GB but real size is 5.34GB.

You can use dvdtoolbox see see what kind of reduction you need without stripping it then just pull up and use dvd2one and remembering which audio tracks you deselected.

DVD2ONE by having this size estimation would assist the end user in deciding whether or not certain audio tracks are worth keeping when they’re shooting for maximum transcoding quality. The biggest advantage is if dvd2one had this then we’d know if transcoding was required or not on certain titles. Then no compression would be needed occasionally.

I think such a compression indicator is a GREAT idea and would highly recommend it be added as a feature! However, what would make this even better (and yes I know it requires more work, but it could be done later) is if you saw you had a little extra space left (not nearly enough to do full disc, but just enough to add a trailer for instance or maybe a short “making of” video) that you could add it either before or after the main movie and just have them play back-to-back. Essentially, this is what DVDShrink is doing I believe. Very very useful to maximize available space when you don’t have enough room to do full disk.


Just a note…dvdtoolbox approximation is quite accurate. I’ve let it do a real analysis (about 8 or 10 times) which takes about 5 mins or so and it’s usually within 0.02GB … example 5.36GB but real size is 5.34GB
DVDshrink can do also the analysis in just seconds and it is very accurate too. I think that this would be a great feature to add…