I (might) have a problem, but I'm not quite sure how to describe it



Oftentimes, my burned discs will have these weird lines on
them that go from the edge of the disc towards the center.
The lines look a messy combination of translucent and
opaque dye, just mixed up like paint or something.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I know the
description is kind of vague, but unfortunately my digital
camera can’t good a decent picture of it…

(I’m using a NEC2500a with Ritek 8x +R media).



Its not uncommon for burned discs to have different colours. This is usually in the form of rings as the drive goes from 4X - 6x - 8x during the burn.
Is this the effect your seeing on your discs?


I had the same effect on some very dodgy DVD+R (manufacturer “[]”) that were burned on my liteon 812. Sometimes they look kinda like lightning bolts :wink:

Chances are that the burner:
a) Doesn’t have a suitable writing strategy to write the disc.
b) The media is extremely poor quality.

Most likely “b”.


Nope, they are not rings.

Yes, that’s a great way to describe them, lightning bolts!

Media huh? Well, looks like I have some research/tests to do…



The blank media forum here is a good place to start :wink: