I might be on to something!

Hello All; Durning one of my backup sessions, my
granddaughter came running by my computer
station and I noticed a lot of vibraton. With my
Air Force experence I know how much vibration can
effect electrical devices,with this in mind after the
backup finished it would load but would freeze about
twenty minutes it the play,about the same time my
little one ran by the computer!!!
I made a shock mount and placed the cpu on it and
I’ve made several backups with no problems.

Just wanted to pass this along.

Nice pick up.
Yep, dainty, little footsteps, desk drawers opening and closing, really any kind of vibratory “noise” is the bugaboo of burning; in short, anything that compromises the ability of the lasers to focus. I once had a burn error because my daughter was playing catch with our 80# golden retriever nearby my pc… she insists they were playing gently… :rolleyes::bigsmile:

Good post. Thanks

This is something that most people don’t realize. Does not take much movement to cause a read or write error when the laser moves about the size of a hair when working.


Computer cases with out of balance fan blades can cause the same thing. Been there.