I messed up LG GSA-H22N with firmware update



I have two LG burners Model GSA-H22N and after a fresh install of XP Pro I did a LG ODD firmware update to version 1.02 and it says Success for both of them but one doesn’t work and I can’t see it in My Computer. After a reboot when I try to open the drawer the LED flashes once and the drawer doesn’t open, when I try again nothing till I reboot and I only get the LED to flash once and the drawer will not open.
With only the bad one installed if I click the ODD firmware Check Icon nothing happens. The burner worked fine before I upgraded the firmware, is there anyway I can get XP to see it so that I can try another firmware upgrade?
Thanks for any help

PS. I cant even see it in Acronis True image and that is not in windows so the problem is in the DVD burner I need some way of redoing the firmware.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


First check in the bios if your drives are identified, if yes then you can unplug the one that is working and leave the other to be flashed manually, flash the drive
reboot and ig the drive work then plug back the other and you should be back to normal.


Hi vroom I can only see the good burner in the bios and to double check I unplugged it and I couldn’t see any.
both drives are setup on the one IDE cable with jumpers set as master and slave and I have swapped the drives (including the jumpers) and no good I can still only see one burner and the hard drives are SATA


Unfortunately it looks like one drive is dead.
I dont think that there is a way to bring it back to life, you might try to contact LG and see if they will accept the drive back and replace it.


Thanks vroom I have rung them and was placed in a queue and now they will ring me back when my turn comes I doubt they will replace it as it is two years old.


if it’s still under warranty you can give it a try.


I rechecked and it is just under 3 years (I cant count :bigsmile:) and she has extended warranty so she has maybe a week left. I will try the local guy who she bought it from when he reopens after new year, only the trouble is she now lives 650km away and she doesn’t have the papers with her.

The tech support guy at LG said as you said that it is a dead drive and he said that it was probably faulty all along.