I make an image and then mounting tools say it's not a valid one

This happens with a dvd of mine, it has just some normal data in it, Alcohol 1.9.5 build 3105 , and when i make the image on my older drive in my other computer (i think it runs in PIO mode) the process ends up at 0.1x after a while… so it took more than two hours, but at the end the image was working… whereas with this new drive on my other pc it takes 10 mins maximum but as i said no tool is willing to mount it…
Can anybody enlighten me as to the reason Alchohol behaves so?
Please help me out,

Can you please send a complete system report to support_team@alcohol-soft.com with a reference to this thread.

You are also a version behind, tried updating?

Thanks zaniell for your help!
Are you in touch with the alcohol team?
However, how do I create a system report ?

Open alcohol click view and then click system info.

You could say that.