I made Windows Media DRM crack



This was part of an april fools joke

You can use Tunebite if you would like to bypass DRM protection.

end added information


I found this site using search engine and I want to show you new application I have wrote for to crack Windows Media DRM. I come from russia and do not care about laws in americas. The software I present to you act as server for DRM and send fake reply to the protected file. By using brute force technology it will send many many many licenses till the right one is found. I hope you like.

Download and enjoy. (Maybe better to host it on geoshitties?)


Awesome app, just tried it and it worked flawlessly on a file that I could not previously listen to.


Man this is wicked awesome. It’s all over BitTorrent! :cool: Take that Microsoft. Down with DRM :a


Really nice app (thx for the PM@lirpa), although I don’t have many protected WMA files. To make sure the file will stay available I uploaded this file to one of our servers.

If you want to try it yourself, you can start downloading here.


Cool, I’ll download it emediately to give it a try.


Thanks for this wonderful app just tried it :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


same here, it works great :smiley:


same here, it works great :slight_smile:


Worked great!
Never thought this would be cracked so soon! :bigsmile:


Heheehee! It’s Friday too, just like when Jon cracked Apples code! LOOOL!Take that Microsoft! Down with all DRM! :cool:


Hmmmm… What day is it?


It’s Friday, and LMAO at Micro$hit!


It’s what I’m always saying.
If there’s a way to playback a copy protected file, someone will find a way to remove the protection. And that’s something really good in my opinion! :smiley:


WOW , nice app :wink:


hell, this is nearly too good to be true!
but isn’t this illegal??? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :bigsmile:







Might be illegal in the US. But who cares? CDFreaks is still located in the Netherlands and maybe you’ll find some more information about their laws here.


Works like a charm!


Kewls. Strange only 17 posts on this thread so far. Hello to Russia from Missery Lirpa.