I luv this drive...oh yeah {burns unregistered media easily}~~~*new perspective*



i had my original 1620 pro rma’ed by benq and replaced with 1620 non-pro (weird eh?); decided…who gives all the same…
put on the stock v9 firmware and nothing else…no mcse
yesterday i burnt 46 discs non-stop on my infamous daxon az1 discs (yeah yeah…im non gona rant on about media) and this drive burnt 42 with 4 dead discs…2 were due to poor pressing of the alumina layer, as you could see scratches/folds; while the other two i have no idea…
might go for another one of these drives…
all yeah wanna speed hack mine with the mcse …‘enable speed read (or something live that)’ if i enable with then wanna revert back is it possible?


Sure, just flash the unpatched firmware. You can also undo the change in the patched firmware by unchecking the read speed checkbox.