I love TY DVD-R's but 812@832 doesn't

I just made some DVD’s with my new batch of TY’s (Thats)
I made 4 copies and so split the job between my Pio106D and the 812@832.
The Litey has burned some TY’s nicely, but this time around they look a bit ordinary.
I like my 832 :bigsmile: It’s on CG3E (thanks guys :bow: )
but it’s starting to bore me with this quality disparity.
Any theories. You guys reckon TYG01 would maybe burn better @ 8X?
Discs play fine though.

edit: the second and last scan are the Pioneer106D burns.

It’s weird. I’ve experienced this myself. If you rescan the Liteon burned discs, using Nero CD-DVD Speed quality test and transfer rate tests, you should find that you get good results. For some reason, with 2S firmware, the Liteon has problems reporting errors on the discs it has burned itself. In the real world the discs appear to be fine. I’ve never had a transfer rate test, on these sort of discs, even dip slightly :confused:. BTW, VS0E does the same thing. :wink:

Yeah! of course, try CD-Speed too.
Thanks for the info on the error reporting.
Does this mean on the drive itself, or from any 812@832.
My mate is going troppo, over his 812@832 not burning nice too!


It’s only an issue with -R and it’s hardware related. My 812S@832S does it and my 451S@832S doesn’t. I’ve even tried US0Q in my 812S and it still does it.

Did the transfer rate test and it looks good??
I hope :confused:
The transfer test is of the first KP-scan disc. ie. the really bad TY scan.

and I have read the ‘issue with -R media’ on the 832/812. I have burned very few + media, they seem to be rarer than -R’s here in Aus.

That’s the best test you can do on a disc, better than KProbe ;). If you get a curve like that, then the disc is fine. :slight_smile: