I love this sign

Do not think it will help sell the house but I like it.

The only problem there’s one in every neighborhood :bigsmile::flower:

[QUOTE=marloyd;2656240]The only problem there’s one in every neighborhood :bigsmile::flower:[/QUOTE]

funny~~ but this i didn`t get it~ a joke??

A joke, yes, sort of… “Every neighborhood has some unpleasant, unlikeable person” - that’s the meaning.

Now, in THAT neighborhood, something tells me a few more windows will be broken, a few more pounds of salt and used-car-oil will be dumped over certain fences.

I couldn’t resist this Aggie joke for this thread:

A couple of weeks before the big UT, A&M game is suppose to happen in Austin two aggies are sitting around trying to think of something to do that shows their school spirit. After a while one of the aggies turns to the other ans say, "I’ve got it. I know what we can do."
The second aggie says, "Ok, good because I was about to give up. What is it?"
The first aggie says, "We can get a camel and put the A&M flag on the back and ride her all the way to the game. We have plenty of time and that way everyone will know how dedicated we are to our school and team."
They strap the A&M flag to the camels back and the two of them ride the camel all the way to Austin, leaving a week in advance to give them plenty of time.
The whole way there people are honking and yelling at them at them so much the aggies were proud of themselves.
When they finally arrive the night before the game they are the first one’s there. They sleep overnight in the parking lot and are the first ones in the stadium in the morning.
After the game in which they are trounced by the LONGHORNS, they are walking out of the stadium , and low and behold, the whole parking lot is filled with camels.
The second aggie says, "We’ll never find our camel."
The first aggie says, “I got this!”, and procedes to walk from camel to camel lifting up the tails, one after the other.

The second aggie says, "What the heck are you doing? We need to find our camel."
The first aggie says, "I am. Didn’t you hear on the way over here everyone kept yelling, “Look at the two assholes on that camel.”

[QUOTE=samlar;2656235]Do not think it will help sell the house but I like it.[/QUOTE]

If I owned this flat, I would SO get one of those right now :wink:

[QUOTE=cholla;2656280]I couldn’t resist this Aggie joke…[/QUOTE]
I’ve passed this joke onto Russian and Croatian penpals, and am awaiting their translations.

This is done, of course, only as an aid for my reading ability of those languages. No one here in Austin ever has any other use for aggie jokes.

Of course not.