I love these mini cdrw's

well i think mini cd’s are a waste cuz the usually cost more than quality cdr’s that hold 5 times as much, but today at bestbuy i came across rewritable mini cd’s

normally i wouldnt have jumped on it but they were also the high capacity ones 24min/210mb, memorex branded, so what the heck i got 10

and they are just so cool, overburned to 25:30ish and 224megs
made a little punk rock pep cd with 9 little 4-chord-wonders on it :slight_smile: havent tested it on many players yet

my only gripe is they are not 10 or 12x but 4, so i probly shouldnt have gotten them, but i havent seen many 24minute mini cdrw so i got them, they are fun to dick around even if they’re not practical

kinda along the same lines, has anyone ever seen any business-card rectangular cd-rws?

I like them too - i remember when 3inch mini-CDs came out in the late 80’s and I have Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Winwood, Bangles and Go-Go’s 3-inch CD’s in my collection (they’re very rare now and collectable). I thought they were great for a few songs and felt they were going to be the replacement for the vinyl 45 or the crappy-sounding cassette single.

They never took off - You had to use a flimsy plastic adapter ring to get them to work because CD players back then didnt have the 3 inch slot on the drive tray to put them in. And I think one of the adapters said it couldnt be used in a carosel changer or car CD player.

I later found a truckload of oldies CD’s on Rhino and MCA records at various Dollar stores and MacFrugals for a buck each in the early 90’s! Glad I grabbed them!

But Im glad somebody in the computer world found a use for the Mini-CD - Digital Cameras! Plus you can stick one in its case in your shirt/jacket/jeans pocket like a zip disk - try that with a 5 inch CD!

BTW I found some GQ Great Quality 3 Inch CD-R’s at Fry’s Electronics that can be burned at 12X - 180MB.