I love my TY media!

Here are 2 scans of backups I made of a new dvd I bought. They were both burned from files using Shrink and burned with Nero 6.6. The only difference is the media that was used: Verb MCC -R 8x and TDK TY -R 8x. TY kicks butt. The funny thing is that my scan of the original was kinda crappy. I always thought that if the original was crappy, then your backup would be also.
LMK what you think!


Two good scans of two very good medias-


The way it works is, as long as you have zero PO failures (it’s the bottom number in the third column… they are not shown in the chart areas) you have a perfect digital copy thanks to two layers of Reed-Solomon error-correcting codes. PIF spikes in the lower chart show you how hard the second, outer code has to work to correct errors after the inner code failed.

P.S. A good batch of TYG02, for sure.