I love CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD

I guess I am a sucker for software. I have many of the past and current CD/DVD/Copy/ burning software. I started out with DVD X Copy back in 1999 from there I have experimented with many, from NTI, to Roxio, to Nero, DVD Shrink, almost all the free ones, and about 10 of the pay versions.

I won’t go into the worst but I will say Roxio will never darken my system.

The one bright spot is CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD. I see there are post with problems, but I guess I can knock on wood, because they have NEVER done me wrong.

In my time of making over 1,000 copies with it I have never had a bad burn or a coaster. Of course I use good media (learned that lesson a long time ago), which is half the battle.

My last trial with DVD software market was DVD neXt Copy 2. I was interested in seeing it since I liked the reviews. I was disappointed the it didn’t work out for me, but hey maybe in the future it will.

I am going to try out the trial of DVDFab Platinum and see what it offers that CloneDVD 2 doesn’t. I like the fact that it will read scratched DVD’s that otherwise may not be copyable, and I am always looking for another software product in my arsenal because you never know when you will need it.

But back to my original post. For me ( I know your experience may be different) I would have to rate CloneDVD2 by SlySoft as a Top Tier program. If anyone is looking for a product I would recommend you purchase it along with AnyDVD of course and add it to your library of DVD software. Will it be everything to everyone? NO. But it’s a good product, and does what it says.

Bottom line: I don’t post much, but I do read allot and IMHO you can’t go wrong with CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD. But like anything else it pays to have more than one option, which is why I will be trying out DVDFab Platinum.

Should anyone have any comments about the latter they would like to share please direct me. For if all goes well there may be another software product that I turn to.

Sorry if this seems like rambling, but so many times the threads are about complaints, so I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to a product that just works.