I Love any dvd

I just thought id say how great i think this application is.
Thanks Slysoft

so do I

I think you guys and gals have alot of company.:clap: :clap:

Um I use it as my main decryptor so I guess I can say I do too? :iagree: :clap: :stuck_out_tongue: :bow: :bigsmile:

is this the beginning of the spawn of SS thread???

AnyDvd for me also I love the program and thank all of the people at Slysoft for such a good product!! :clap: :clap: :iagree: :clap: :clap:

Fanboy thread maybe? But hey it is excellent software I say.

  1. It’s simple to use. :clap:
  2. It’s highly effective. :clap:
  3. It’s easy on system resources. :clap:
  4. It’s simple to use … oh wait, I already said that. :doh:
  5. It’s an exceptional value at $39 or $49. The return on investment is immediate and the lifetime updates make the cost to use the software feasible for anyone that has a need to back up even an occasional DVD (like just the kids collection, etc).

Thanks SS!

What a bunch of mushy guys … [I]love, love, love [/I] (John Lennon)

First comes love, then comes marrige, then comes you dudes pushin a baby carriage … :flower:

I’m sure AnyDVD…well the folks at SlySoft, love you all right back! :o

Sometimes you want to remove protection (i.e. AnyDVD) and sometimes, you don’t. :smiley:


For 39.00USD thats the cheapest love money can buy.:iagree:

Then you can always turn it off, quite a concept.:clap:

have you not been to thailand, i thought it was $10

sorry :bigsmile:

Yeah, but $39 USD is “safe” love! :iagree:

Yea Any DVD and Clone DVD 2 rocks! I havent had one disk I couldnt back up. One of the best investments in software I can think of. :bow:

New to forum…I used trial version of “anydvd” started with ver. and it would not register after I purchased…I emailed slysoft and they were helpful but still could not get it to register…THEN ver came out and I was told to re-install new version…and presto everything registered and is working great…(also purchased clonedvd and clonedvd mobile)…I am also in agreement all programs working…I am only having one small problem…I have tried to watch the movie “Dreamer” and when “anydvd” is open the Movie will not even run on my computer BUT if I shut down “anydvd” then my DVD program “Power DVD” starts and the movie runs ok…If I try to copy the movie using “anydvd”+clonedvd2" I only get the first few sections of the Movie (about 17 min.worth) showing in my CloneDVD…and that is all…There is nothing wrong with the original movie because we have watched it a few times…I would like a copy for my car…Thanks
p.s except for this minor problem these programs ROCK

I too wish to declare my undying and slightly worrying love for AnyDVD.

HELP!!! I just purchased this and I don’t know how to use it… PS: I still haven’t poped my tech cherry, but I’m trying. John