I lost the plug thingy on the back of the drive

While trying to connect my new CD-writer to my PC, I lost that little plug thingy on the back of the drive which tells the PC if it’s master/slave drive. So now I,ve got 2 drives with one plug thingy.
My writer has 3 slots for the plug while my DVD reader has 5 slots. I dont know which drive to make the master/slave and how to go about doing it. Only one the drives i recognised by the Pc now( the one which is at the end of the cable. not the one in the middle)… Oh…I have an intel 845 motherboard and only 1 free SCSI slot so I need to connect these on the same cable. Please help me…:confused:

heh a lost Jumper isnt a big deal. any computer shop will give you a couple, or if you can ,just take one from a dead motherboard.

Are you saying you have some IDE drives and you lost the jumper? If it is, just find an old HD or motherboard and steal it. You can probably buy them somewhere, but probably in like a 200/$1 deal or something… If you set one to master, set the other to slave. Drives usually have the back panel like this
To make it slave, put the jumper on the two pins underneath SL. For master, the pins under MA. Alternately, you can put the jumper on both drives to CS and then the master/slave selection is decided by the drives’ place on the cable. My setup is DVD-ROM=master, Writer=slave.

Or are you saying you have some SCSI drives and you lost the terminator?

The “little plug thingy” is called a jumper. :wink:

Normally there are just 3 options, master, slave, and cable select (CS).

On new systems, the device at the end of an IDE cable should be the master.

If you look in Device Manager the Target ID of a master device is 0, a slave is 1.

I would infer that the DVD drive is at the end of the cable, since it still has its jumper and is likely to be the recognized drive. Is this correct? If so, chances are that the DVD drive is set as master, but you can check this on the bootup screen or in Device Manager.

You can get another jumper anywhere that sells computer component parts. The top of the CD writer right by the 3 sets of jumper pins will usually have the settings embossed in the metal case, i.e., M (master), S (slave), C or CS (cable select). If you can’t find the marks on the case, refer to the user’s guide or manual.

Once you get another jumper and have confirmed that the DVD is set as master, set the CD writer as slave by inserting the jumper vertically. Connect the slave device to the IDE connection which is not at the end of the cable.

Don’t try to use cable select unless you know that your computer is set up for it. It uses special cables.

If you are handy, you could make a temporary jumper, but it doesn’t sound like you are ready for that. :bigsmile:

Thanks ypu guys, that helped a lot but still, ther’s 5 slots on my DVD ROM instead of the usual 3 and it’s pain to try it on all 5. BTW, seriously, how can i make a jumper? Just attach a wire to the pins or somethin?


If the DVD-ROM is the device being recognized, leave it alone or find your instructions/manual to check the pin settings.

BTW, seriously, how can i make a jumper? Just attach a wire to the pins or somethin?

That’s the general idea, but if it comes loose or shorts to another pin that wouldn’t be helpful. :wink:

Unless you feel comfortable and know how to make reliable temporary insulated connections, I would recommend that you skip it and get some extra jumpers in case you lose another. :bigsmile: