I lost my 16x frm my 1633S after flashing BS0H

Hi all,

I couldn’t understand why I lost my 16x from my 1633S after flashed with BS0H? :a Shouldn’t BS0H better than the original firmware BS0C? The BS0H is downloaded from dhc014.rpc1.org.

I read the threads and the firmware supposed work better… :eek: Does anyone has the same problem as I have? :confused: Or I did something wrong. Need help… :rolleyes:

what do u mean by ‘lost 16x’?

From the Nero Info Tool, under drive section; it will indicate the speed of the ‘read’ & ‘write’. My drive now only shows 8x, not 16x. :sad:

I bought a stack of DVD+R under OEM of Verbatim; it’s a 16x disc. My drive only shows @ max is 8x from the disc… :sad:

What did I do wrong? Does any SW to test the drive? :eek:

Nero InfoTool will report as the “max write speed” whatever the max write speed of the disc that is currently inserted. So make sure that you have the same disc inserted in BS0H as you did in BS0C.

Also, 16x Verbatim (MCC 004) has been set to 16x in both BS0C and BS0H, and there’s no reason why it should not be 16x in BS0H.

Hi code65536,

Thx for the info. I just found out the DVD+R so ‘claimed’ 16x is a 8x media. I was cheated by the shop. :a

Here is the result I got frm DVD ID & Nero. Funny thing is both given the different info, so which one is correct? :confused:


Disc Type : [DVD+R]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Media Type ID : [003]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Disc Application Code : [General Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4,482.6MB = 4.38GB (4.70GB)]

By Nero;

Manufacturer : Verbatim
Code : MCC 003
Disc Type : DVD+R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : -
Recording Speed : 4 X - 8 X
Capacity : -

Additional Capacity : -
Overburn Capacity : -

Is there anyway to test my drive’s speed without insert a media? Thx. :iagree:

Nero’s is correct in this case. Actually, the most accurate would be KProbe2’s “Disc Info”.

I don’t know why this media would’ve reported 16x on BS0C, though. BS0C’s firmware has MCC003 set to 4x-8x, just like BS0H.

I even more confuse… :confused:

Here is the Kprobe2 report on the DVD+R;

Disc Type DVD+R
Book Type DVD+R
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Media ID MCC003
Protection System None
Region 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Capacity 4.38 GB
Free Size 0.00 GB
Free Blocks 0
Number of Layers 1
Linear Density 0.267 um/bit
Track Density 0.74 um/track
Maximum Read Speed 8.0x
Maximum Write Speed 8.0x
Current Write Speed 8.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 1 8.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 2 6.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 3 4.0x CLV

What’s wrong with Nero? It supposes report correctly. Now I wonder…2 vs 1!! :eek:

i have some verbatim 16x certified media (mcc004) i had to use omnipatcher to make it mcc004 to go to 12x and 16x, the data for it wasnt in that firmware you can patch it and it should be ok

I´m not sure all of us understand what you are talking about… :confused:
MCC-004 is 16x by default, both on BS0C and BS0H. No need for any speedpatching! :cool:

BTW, don´t even think of speedpatching MCC-003 to 16x. Guarantee coaster.

may have been my mistake seems I had to patch it may have been thinking about the yuden000t02 needed to be patched it you want to try and cook at 16X sorry :confused:

I agreed with pinto2. The media shall show its own speed by default. Shouldn’t use o/c @ all.

Any sw to chk the max write speed of the drive? E.g. 832S or 1633S. My question is how do u know your dr is a 16x dr ?(w/o media inside…) :confused:

The drive model number. And what the specs on the drive’s packaging says.