I lost both of my drives help!



Both my dvd and cd drives are not being seen by my computer can anyone help?

my dvd drive is a NEC DVD RW ND3540A
and my cd drive is a TEAC CD-W552D

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide!


what has happened? have you tried to change firmware? are they new? have they been used before?


They are not new, i have used them many times, i have not changed the firmware, but tried an update, but it said it could not locate the drive. The only thing i can think of is that i got a spyware program attached to my computer (Spy Falcon)… i was able to remove it, but today i noticed that my drives do not work…Maybe it has somthing to do with that removal?


i would doubt it, have you removed the drives at all? are the ide cables still in the back? are the drives recognised in the bios?


Does the BIOS see the drives? Are the IDE channels and the drives properly listed in the device manager?


I have never removed the drives. Please excuse my stupidity but i do not know what BIOS is?


What do you mean by an update? A firmware update? or an unrelated software update?



it was a firmware update


how would i check to see if my drives are reconized by the bios


when you turn on your computer it should come up with a list of updates and their firmwares. When you updated did anything go wrong? Also what is your os?


both drives are listed in the device manager but bot have yellow “!” over them
when i click on them it tells me drivers we successfully instaled but no drives were found


have you restarted your computer since the update?


the update was canceled because the device was not found, and my os is win xp


do you have installation disks for the drives?


unfortuntly no


Check the connections first.


still searching for answer!!


XP shouldn’t require any particular driver for your drives, other than the generic it has.

The yellow mark (or question mark) indicates there is a problem with them, but the computer sees them so no problem for the BIOS to recognize them (and if you don’t know what the bios is, you didn’t change the definitions there).

So, start by chef’s advice.
If it is not a cable prob you can have an IDE channel prob, or drives prob (this is not natural, the same prob for 2 drives at the same time would ne some kind of neg jackpot)