I lost 7 of 9

I had a picture of 7 of 9 on my computer that my wife did not like that I would just bring it up when I wanted her to leave my computer room. Did not work but at least I could look at 7 of 9. Besides her sister sent her a picture on Harrison Ford so I think I can keep my 7 of 9 picture. The uniform was so tight in the crotch that my wife thought it was gross. Some way yesterday I deleted it off the computer and cannot find it. Tried google but could not find it again. What am I going to use to run my wife out of the computer room now? I added it to a post on cdfreaks but could not find the post I added to.

Completely wiped from the hdd?

yes I think so I have windows 7 and could not find a program that seem to work to check for deleted files with windows 7

I was going to post this in living room I think I getting to where I cannot do anything right anymore

Is this the one?

no in mine she was not saying anything

I can find some that may be not the same, but might help you

and this page which will get you divorced immediately http://celeb.to/65928-post79.html [B]<— DO NOT OPEN THIS AT WORK OR WITHIN 400 YARDS OF ANY WOMAN UNLESS SHE IS A HOT LESBIAN)

nice but not the one

Just 7o’9.

…your life as it has been is over…from this time forward you will service…US!


…your life as it has been is over…from this time forward you will service…US![/QUOTE]

Just a sentence from the borg’ed Captain Picard…

I found it

Much too late. See post #4.


I told my wife I have my 7 of nine picture back again That should make her day

I like Samlar’s the best -that’s the one I’d like to be in space with.or on earth.

I can just see all the trouble that there would be if all woman pants were as her suit is in the crotch.

Here’s one but Pictures fuzzy- and the other one still not as good as your