I lose Video when I logoff one account on WinXP



When I log off my acct to switch to my wife’s account on Windows XP Pro I am losing my Video Output in some form. My monitor goes black, but I don’t get a lose of Video signal display which is what pops up when I turn off my computer but leave my monitor on etc…

I am not sure what could be cause this because I have never even ehard of this happening. I searched all my usual places and didn’t come up with anything.

Comp Config:
P4 2.8C
1.5 Gig Kingston DDR400
Radeon 9800 Pro 256
Using OnBoard Realtek Sound
Pioneer DVR-109
Lite-on 511S
Running Windows XP Pro

P.S. - It happens about 95% of the time.


What about if you boot up and log straight into your wifes account?


If I do that then it is no problem. Also I can use fast-user switching which is what i usually do. But when I am going to bed and she stays at the computer I usually logoff but if I am losing video and forcing myself to reboot everytime I can’t logoff.


Do you have SP2 installed? Just for claryfication, your saying: a fast user switch from you to your wife and back to you causes the loss of VGA? or is it just when you switch to your wife? If you actually logoff does the same thing happen?


uninstall the graphic card driver restart and try again if it works reinstall it , my guess is that the resolution/refresh rate/or some other graphic driver settings are set wrong

edit oops my bad just noticed it works directly when windows boots :o
edit2 do you have service pack2 ? it could be a bug


I still vote for video driver. I’ve seen this happen … “temporarily” before with video drivers. When I say temporarily, if you wait LITERALLY about 2 minutes the screen WILL come back, but maybe not in your case. I’d uninstall the video drivers entirely, use the built-in MS ones and see if it’s better (although SLOW) and if it is, then reinstall the latest drivers from your manufacturer.