I live too close from North Korea

That is, I live exactly between the Demarcation Line and Seoul and millions of ultra-nationalistic SK fanatics want the US armed forces out.


Well, I want at least something better than M16 and hand-held grenades. The ROK Army regards the lives of their own troops no more than those of dogs and tanks - it simply costs more to train dogs for military use and to build or import tanks than to use men-power which is virtually limitless and for free anyway.

Two more weeks and there’ll be the next South Korean president after DJ. Since 1945, the US Army has always been one of the biggest factors in the domestic South Korean politics. Mr. Jung Mong-Joon, the South Korean 2002 WorldCup king and one of the many rich sons of Hyundai founder Jung Joo-Young finally gave it up just a few days ago so now it’s basically between Roh Moo-Hyun, a friend of DJ and communists vs. Lee Hwe-Chang, a friend of former killer presidents like Chun Doo-Hwan, and other powerful people in the media, Jae-Bol businesses, military, Korean CIA, etc. I gave a vote to DJ in 1997 but now the choice is less obvious. The country’ll go to hell either way.

I dont think the North Koreans will ever invade while the US in there. Not only will it be suicide but they will in effect be completely cut off from the majority of the world economically and probably politically.

I heard of the little tunnels the North Koreans are digging past the line and all the troops they have on their borders. But this all seems like a front. There will be no attack on South Korea as long as there are US soldiers there. Rest easy.

Hm. The point that I live close to NK was just meant as a joke. Though I actually do, I moved from Gwang-Joo (Kwangju on the map, 1.2 mega population) to Seoul (11 mega) and then to UiJongBu (0.35 mega) this year because I myself wanted to be closer (to what?).

Those tunnels were discovered in the past, yes, but nobody in Seoul considers it as serious now.

I have been in many pro-NK activist groups in SK. To study them, to know the way they feel, think, learn, and communicate with the outside world. To many of them, the dead Kim, Il-Sung is still the SUN and America is EVIL (in the Korean language, they all sound greater and worse.)

Like most South Korean men, I also served in the ROK Army and still am as a reserve troop. (Will remain till at least 2015.) Personally, I was never afraid of war. However disastrous war might be, oppressed and tortured people often prefer war to peace. It is a fact that there have always been such people on both sides and there are also people to make profits out of more wars. The US/UN forces have often had to control both not to shoot first.

The issue I presented in the previous post was the South Korean domestic politics. South Korea had a great success in the 2002 Worldcup. The man most responsibile for it was a Dutch man called Guus Hiddink but the man who got the most out out of it was that son of Hyundai founder. He could finally announce that he’d run for presidency only because of the Worldcup success. 1988 Seoul Olympic games was possible in Seoul mainly because of his father’s efforts. To please himself, the people, and the dictator. He and Roh agreed to join forces against Lee. Roh got barely more votes in the brief polls so Jung had to give it up.

Anyway, all of the above are not that important. I was just tired enough to see so many irrational and ugly people all over this land. Some Korean-Americans gave 20K or 50K (not sure) to two US soldiers (based in Uijongbu) and the news was soon relayed to South Korean press. So now the fanatics are attacking them, too.

They will be too free and too encouraged to do more and worse if Roh becomes president. They will become more fanatic and more violent if Lee becomes president. DJ, the long-time freedom fighter and 2000 Nobel peace prize winner, was really a miracle in South Korean politics. (About 99% of KJ voters chose him in 1997.)

One more thing. I purely hate the NK regime. It’s not that I am afraid of war but that I’ll do whatever to destroy it whether wartime or peacetime. NK will collapse ultimately. Nationalism will not (not in the Koreas anytime in this century I mean).


I enjoy reading your calm and rational views on this and other boards. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that your political choices are so unpalatable. This sounds like the classic “lesser of two evils” decision.

It’s been 50 years since the Korean War truce, and a peace settlement has never been declared. 50 years with a constant threat of war is tremendously stressful, and must have a major contribution to the extremist crazies’ behavior.

Keeping your equilibrium in such unsettling circumstances is a testament to your own personal stability.

Best of luck to you, and I hope things turn out better than you expect. :wink: