I live in the UK and have never changed the region to region to region 1

Hi all

Ive been having problems playing DVDs on my laptop and I have noticed that they are set up to play as Region 1. Ive tried to change this but I just get the error message ‘Unable to update region setting. Please make sure the drive contains a region 2 media and you have administration privilage’

I live in the UK and have never changed the region to region to region 1. Can anyone advise me on what to do.

Many thanks

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Try putting a region 2 disc in the drive, then changing the region to 2.

I had the same problem (but my drive wasn’t region 1, it was brand new so no region had been set).

Out of curiosity, when you go to change the region, how many changes does it say you have left?

The DVD that I was trying to watch was in the drive when I tried to change it. It says I have 4 changes remaining

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Sometimes a DVD can appear to set a region.
If this happens then you may need to change region.
Region 1 in our area (UK) implies this was a region free disc.
Either set to region 2 as administrator or use a program like AnyDVD to make PC act as region free.
I have never ever had to set any drive to any region.

Thanks for your help guys. I managed to change it eventually but I still cant get DVD’s to work. I thought the reason they werent working was because of the Region code. Back to the drawin board for me…lol

Maybe you need plugins.
Try [B]here:[/B]