I like to know



Are you the father of the child?


I doubt it, considering I’m not of the male persuasion :stuck_out_tongue:


runs away


100% :iagree:


I am a widow .And I can vouch for him that he is the father of my 3 Boys.
He was 14 years older when we met ,never been married & no kids.
Seen so many divorces Split famileys and so on .ONLEY THE CHILDREN SUFFER.
People DONT know or care what they put there FAMLEYS through.


Name of child please

What are you running for? lmao


i can say 100% i am NOT the father of the child :wink:


I deny everything…
Or as Bill used to put it “I did not have sex with <fill in name>”


No, I’m the child of the father.

I’ve always wondered about that expression… How can you be persuaded to be male or female? (ignoring trans-gender surgery)

When does this persuasion take place - is it a negotiation between egg and sperm? Does someone persuade an X or Y carrying sperm to impregnate the egg?

Or does someone persuade the stork to bring a male or female baby?

This is all very confusing! :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:


/me smacks Drage - figure of speech smartypants (do Dragons wear pants?)…but you’re right, it is an odd one :smiley:



-Lets see a picture and maybe we can tell who it looks like.


Err … I’ve never met the mother in my life.

No, you can’t take a DNA sample.


Not yet, please ask again five years in the future.


Lets see if I can add a picture


Aha, the new million dollar baby. Nope, they haven’t asked for my DNA :slight_smile:


I ain’t no Daddy Warbucks…that’s for sure.


Seeing that our newborn twins are by IVF and I was there throughout the procedure, YESSSSSS, the child(ren) are 100% mine :iagree: :bigsmile: :iagree: :iagree: :cool:


well I guess we now know who the father is



My wife guessed that long time ago. She said the baby looked just like Larry.


lol nice pose. YAY! I am the father! Now give me my money.
Lost and found: child.