I like to convert 2 700MB avi's to 1 DVD

I like to convert 2 700MB avi’s to 1 DVD, how about you guys? Do you conserve space or throw only one movie on per DVD?


You are the best person to answer your own question.

If I add 2 x avi movies, and end up with 4 hours of video on 1 DVD, do YOU like the end results ?

I never personally crossed 3 hours, but some people say up to 4 hours it’s still very good.

Then again, you have some very picky users who even complain with 1 hour of video :iagree: :eek:

I would say, get some RW media and give it a try.

Of course, both input must me of great quality, since ConvertXtoDVD will provide you the best it can based on the input file.

Hi all you,

I was wondering too - how many mb’s of AVIs will fit on one DVD (4,3GB) ?
There must be a guideline to to do this without loosing too much quality.

  1. Is it better to convert just 1 AVI file of 700 mb on one DVD to get the maximum quality out of it ?

  2. Or can I convert several ( 2 ) Avis to a DVD without loosing quality ?

  3. 6 x 700 mb = 4200mb = 1 DVD(4.3) ???



Most people can fit up to 3 hours of video length video seeing a video loss.

After 4, you start to see the quality look like TV quality, so I was told.

In theory, a DVD5 is ment to hold 2 hours of video @ 100% quality.

Hi im new to these forums :rolleyes: i can convirt 3, 700mb avi’s onto 1 dvd disk :stuck_out_tongue:
i use TSUNAMI-MPEG to do it

quality is still good

best bet is to try it urself to c if u like the quality :iagree:

some ppl are fusser than others lol

good luck