I learned an important lession today

I learned an important lesson today and thought I would pass it on. On two DVD’s I fought and fought for days trying to back them up. I have every program suggested to get the job done but something always went wrong and I couldn’t end up with backups. The originals played fine so I could not conceive that there was a problem with the originals.
Anyway, I finally decided to return both originals and try again with different ones and everything went smooth as silk. My conclusion is deep within the depths of these Dvd’s was a problem that couldn’t even be spotted by watching them. If you have a problem with backing up a title that you know that you know you should have success with don’t fight it like I did. Return them and you will probably solve your problem. Hope this helps and has added to the success of this form.

Many new dvds have production errors that just watching them will not find (mainly because they are probably in the extras etc.). Also certain copy protections can cause errors. Usually most stores will exchange the same title for title, especially this is important if you are buying used dvds.