I know this is kinda against everything that burning stands for but



is there any way to burn a cd so the the data stored can not be burned again (copy protection) I need to give this guy a cd of mine but I don’t want him burning it for all of his friends. Thaks a lot for any help you can provide


CDFreaks has a way to do it with cdrwin… just read there Main Page

Love ya all… eh


I think it’s impossible to protect a cd so it can’t be copied again. People will allways find a way to copy it. But hé that is my opinion, you never know!



It’s effectively easy to “protect” cds against cd-copy with CDRWIN, but only angainst this type of copy… If you protect a PC cd like this, you can just drag and drop the files from the cd to the HD and then burn them… On a psx cd, the trick is more usefull as psx cds need to be often reproduced exactly (they can have annoying bad block).