I know this has been asked a million time

Hello DVD-users,

Thanks for taking a little time to read this.
As many people, I also am looking for a DVD-RW.
Because 2 weeks ago my Plexwriter PX-W8220Ti has been killed in action :frowning:

I have been browsing the internet for about ages already … but can’t seem to find a good DVD-RW.

That’s why I will sum up the DVD-RW I can buy at several pc-shops.

A summary:

Factor (www.factor.be)

PIONEER DVR-107 8X +/- DVD-R/RW 85$
LG DVD RW +/- 12x DL 4120BB 109$

PC Warez (www.pcwarez.be)

Sony DRU-700A +/- DL DVDwriter 149$
Plextor PX-712A DL 186$
BENQ DW822A 8x +/- DL 96$
NEC ND2510 8xspeed DVD+R/-R DL 98$

Triangle Computing Systems (www.trianglecs.be)

BenQ DVDRW+ DW822A 80$
BTC DRW 1108IM 82$
BTC BDU DRW1008 93$
NEC ND2500A 8x DVD+R/-R DL 93$
NEC ND2510 8x DVD+R/-R DL 85$

I changed the prices to dollars because that would be more usable to all dollar-users. Since the EURO is about the same as the dollar in value other users just can put the prices in EURO. The value stays the same.

What I expect from my DVD-RW:

  1. I want an overall good performance when it comes to reading from all kinds of media (CD-R, DVD, …)
  2. I want DUAL LAYER cause I will use it mostly to backup alot of DATA. (Also for backing up my original gamez and dvd’s)
  3. Offcours I want to have a good writing QUALITY (I don’t mind the speed, I want very good quality).
  4. I want a drive like my plextor that has a very high durability. I don’t want a drive that dies after writing 10 DVD’s with it. My plextor wrote about ± 700 Cd’s. But nothing lasts forever …
  5. And last but not least I want a great compatibility with media and with standalone dvd-players.

I maybe asking to much but I really want good stuff for my money.

Things I have read on the internet:

BTC doesn’t score well and has a bad overall performance.
PIONEER isn’t bad but had some big negative points (should lock DVD at 5x speed)
PLEXTOR is known to be the king of DVD-writers but this doesn’t mean this drive does not have cons. I find plextor everything but cheap! Don’t want to have a ferrari in my PC!
BENQ should have a average overall performance.
NEC should be very good DVD-RW. Should have a great performance.
LG comes out not great but not bad either.
SONY should be avoided at all time (or that is what I have read in forums)

I also informed by those several pc-shops and Factor says I should buy the LG, PC Warez says I should go for the BENQ And Triangle Computing Systems says I should go for the NEC.

So now it’s up to you! You know what I expect from my DVD-RW. I am looking for the good middle-class writer so not the cheapest but also not as much as the plextor!

Which do you recommend? Please leave your comments here. I’m fed up with ppl who should want to sell pc-stuff. I want the hear real user comments about DVD-RW.

PS for viewing my systems specs:


I am also going to buy more HD and a better power supply!

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Usually HD is for High Definition in HDTV and HDD is for Hard Disk Drive. :slight_smile: You must have meant HDD and not HD since you are not trying to buy a Blu-ray or D-VHS recorder.

Among the drives listed, I think GSA-4120B is the best overall winner and it’s only $27 more than the cheapest, BTC, and still $40 cheaper than Sony and $77 cheaper than Plextor.

Here’s a challenging question to all: what would you have felt if Hitachi-LG’s GSA-4120B were priced at US$300 and Plextor’s PX-712A were priced at US$150? Some people would have bought LG still while LG could report over two billion profits from yearly sales of DVD writers instead of just a lousy 100 million. (The scale is just an example but the ratio is realistic.)

You’ve narrowed your choices down to the BenQ 822 and the NEC 2510. The DL firmware for the BenQ drive is not out yet, while the NEC is ready to go if you can find the DL media.

The price for the BenQ seems high. I bought mine for $56US and that seems to be a typical price for an OEM drive in Canada. The NEC 2510 sells for about $90US.

For the difference of $5 I would go with the NEC due to the better support with modded firmware (If you are inclined to experiment), but I am happy with my BenQ 822.