I know nothing

I’me new to this copying lark I hope I am on the right forum I am interested in clone dvd 3.6 not clone dvd 2 or any dvd also I am interested in getting a trial copy of clone dvd fab. I have joined this forum so I can learn a few things about burning and copying I have purchased Nero and roxio in the past and could’ent work out how to use them. So now I try to get trial versions of these copying things first to see if I can use them. I have used a trial version of clone dvd 3.6 in the past and if I dont find anything else this is most probably be what I purchase as I can use it. I’ve heard good reports about DVD fab being very easy to use, has anyone used it?

@ I’me Spartacus,

You are posting in the CD Freaks CloneDVD and as such this Forum is focused supporting the real original Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft CloneDVD software product and not the rip off copycat inferior Clone DVD product marketed by CloneDVD.Net.

The CD Freaks has a Copy DVD Movie Forum, which has a DVDFab sub-Forum and a Nero sub-Forum. Those are the appropriate Forums for decisions on those software programs. Suggest visiting those Forums and make your inquire there for information on those programs.

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