I know its been asnwered somewhere...but cant find it

I have downloaded the b7v9 .cvt file, and the winflash also mcse speed hack, three questsions, pardon the repeats cause ive searched my bookmarks, but find them corrupted bookmarks:
Here are my three questions;

  1. i had my 1620 pro (dec 2004) replaced with a 1620 (oct 2004), and wanna flash it to the newer one; is this possible i remeber reading that they are the same drives?
  2. To flash it do i keep it; i keep the tray empty and run winflash with the designated f/w and wait then reboot, is this right? do i need to do it in safe mode?
  3. changing disc recongnition, ive read alas method and im confused. If the media is nt avalible can i introduce it? and how do i do it?

Thanks, pardon the repeats…and hell yeah to a universal FAQ

  1. They are the same.
  2. This procedure is fine.
  3. If you have a media that is not supported by the firmware you can rename one of the MIDs you do not use with the one you have, by clicking the unused entry and either changing the name directly or by importing the DVD Identifier output (you get the instructions when clicking the import button).
    After entering the MID you have to swap the write strategy by double clicking the new name to a suitable strategy, which is a bit of trial and error.

cool…thks ala, just wondering has a b7v9 .cvt been released, the file i downloaded from one of the reported sites doesnt seem to have it. The file is in a .exe format; so is there another site where the .cvt file can be found?
and again no need for rebooting?

You can patch .exe firmware files with MSCE, so unless you are crossflashing a non 1620 drive, you don’t need to worry about .cvt files.

You don’t need to reboot after changing firmware … I ussually don’t because I am alergic to rebooting my computer :slight_smile: Its one of the bad habits I picked up while using Linux. :slight_smile:

umm i still dont quite get it…its in an exe file…so do i just run it straight off in windows or do i need a utility?

To patch it, you run MSCE and open the .exe file in it. Then you save it to a new .exe file.

After that just run the patched firmware in windows. You then select the benq drive and flash.

sweet easier than when i flashed my litey…thaks a million

good luck with your replacement benq 1620. I have only had my drive a couple of weeks, but the more I use it, the more I am liking it, for both reading and writing CDs and DVDs.

as many, esp pinto and ala, have found out i have a large stash of daxon az1 media and ive had a poor record …hmm sh1thouse record sounds better, with the this media, ive followed the mcse guides, so i renamed daxon az1 to az2 and saved. do i know just run the patch?, will it root up my drive? cause im gonna give up on the media after this method…

Just load the .exe file in MCSE, rename DAXON AZ2 to DAXON AZ1, save it and run the saved .exe file, reboot and start testing.

actually, if you double click the DAXON AZ1 media code (those are the disks you have) and select the DAXON AZ2 media coda in the pop-up window, it will use the AZ2 media stratagy for AZ1 disks.

Changing the name DAXON AZ1 to DAXON AZ2 will not change the stratagy used for AZ1 disks, but make AZ2 disks write with AZ1’s stratagy.

I don’t think just swapping media codes can do any damage to your drive. In the worst case, you just flash back to a non-hacked firmware.

thks guys, u guys are brilliant…ive flashed to b7v9 unmodified and burnt 6 discs 3 failures and two successful…weird it burns media thats unsupported…
might try my modified one tommorow…just renamed the AZ2 to AZ1…in your guides
thanks again guys…if i buy cheap arse media that is 8x is it likely that the media will be supported, cause the media i use is 2.4x so its likely not going to be supported?

There is no AZ1 media code in the stock firmware :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll be damned :slight_smile:

Most 8x media is supported by the benq 1620 … just avoid the excessively dodgy media. Anything that is excessively cheap, or made in hong kong is going to be very dodgy. But don’t just go with expensive media either, it is somtimes junk media priced higher.

Verbatim and TDK are good brands to start from. Ritek can be good if you find a good batch. Princo is usable, but long term reliability and overall quality is suspect at best. TY is great if you can find it and pay the price. Avoid fakes at all costs.

well i live in australia, i get my media from taiwan…usually when im in taiwan i burn enough coasters to build a column since media is cheap as…however since im australia media is about double price compared to taiwan
but anyway guys you been a great help hopefully i can help u guys or others…oh yeah just had another succeful burn with stock firmware…wow 150 blanks to go…


I am in australia too.

For australian disks, you have to following options:

TDK - 8x DVD +R’s … tend to be CMC MAG E01, burn at 8x speed. Can be between 80c and $1.20 per disk.

Verbatim - 8x DVD -/+R’s … tend to be made in taiwan MCC003 disks, burn at 8x speed, not 12 speed for best reliability. Also 16x DVD+R’s are avaliable, no idea how good they are. About 80c - $1 for each disk.

TY 8x DVD-R’s … at www.jpldisplays.com.au … have been shown to be good, Haven’t had a chance to use them myself, but have heard good things about them. Just over $1 a disk.

Ritek … Pretty inexpensive, you can give these a go, but your results will vary depending on the quality of the disks you get. Cost varies.

Princo … For burning test projects, dvds to be tested on players, and other stuff that doesn’t require long term reliability, these are fine. About 40c per disk.

Laser … avoid these AT ALL COSTS … unless you are building your tower of coasters :smiley: Cost varies.

Also the OEM 4x TY are excellent as well from JPLdisplays :slight_smile:
On the litey 832, can overspeed to 8X, on my nec3500 12x :wink:

Works out $0.60 a disc when you buy 100 spindle :slight_smile:

wicked…well ill finish off my stash and then restock…seeing if my cuz will send some (i mean 200 hundred blanks hopefully tys…but they’re not so bright in this field)…
oh yeah another successful burn with unregistered media…on a roll…
how are the results like when u flash the 1620 to -25 and the -40?
just curious causes threads go on for ages

While it is possible to flash the 1620 to 1625 firmware, lightscribe won’t work because the 1620 is missing some important hardware that the 1625 has.

I think the 1640 is different enough from the 1620 that crossflashing won’t work.