I know, I know, but i need help

Ok, so here’s the breakdown:

Win XP SP2
MSI K8N Neo-4 SLI Mobo
WD 4000KD
WD 5000KS
Plextor PX-810SA

Roxio ECDC 6

I just want to use Ecdc 6 with my Plextor burner. However, Roxio has no newer updates for Ecdc 6 and i can’t get it to recognize my plextor burner. i have been through this before, and i searched for this error before and found a link that popped up a program and fixed this issue in a nano, however, i was not smart enough to save the link and program and did a fresh install of XP (i do it every 6 months or so) and forgot about the “drive not found” issue. Can someone please help me if they know of the link i speak? i don’t want to upgrade, and i wil save it if i can find it again. i don’t want to use nero, i know i’m old fashioned, but i know what i like =).

Welcome to CDF’s:

What is the error code you get?

I know, I know, but i need help

With a thread title like that you really do need help…Could you, Would you edit it?

Hey, I like ECDC 6 too! No idea what you used to fix that problem before, but have you installed your mobo chipset drivers yet? The SATA driver is part of the nForce driver package.

You may also want to check the Roxio forum archives for the no drives found situation. And install the latest updates from Roxio (though you’ll have trouble finding those now).

I have this working on 2 PC’s with fairly recent Samsung and Plextor PATA burners, but can’t guarantee it’ll work with your SATA setup. If your mobo BIOS has an IDE compatibility mode for the SATA ports, that would be the one to try.

lol, sorry about the heading, didnt really know what else to put up there to get the message out, i’m pretty frustrated at the whole thing >< all the drivers i know of are as up to date as possible: firmware for the driver, chipset drivers, roxio driver updates. but i goes further because i can’t even burn anything with the windows app. its starting to get to me…:a

So i followed a thread about the PX-800 series and found out something about Atapi.sys files, and installed a file group. now i can burn things through Windows XP and WMP, but Roxio ECDC still won’t recognize the drive:sad: i’m gonna do a whole, uninstall and re-install but im kinda doubting it’s gonna help…