I know how to edit videos etc, but what's the best way to backup .mts files?

Hey guys,

I just wondering what the best way is to backup .mts files from my HG10 Canon video camera? I have Sony Vegas and have made many movies etc. but I want to clear off my cam hard drive possibly onto my hard drive or even dvds to clear up some room. Do I just grab the .mts files and split them onto dvds?

Any help would be appreciated!!:smiley:

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The cheapest option would be to create a multi-part archive of the content of its hard disk, e.g. into 4.38GB files and write them to a series of DVDs. The catch with the archive method is that you’ll need to extract all the content to be able to edit footage later on. Another drawback is that a defective DVD could prevent any content of this and the following DVDs of the archive from being read, quite a common issue back in the days of floppy disks, when one bad disk in a spanned archive could spoil most the archive.

Another option which takes a little more time is to split any files longer than 4.38GB using your video editing software such that they will all fit on DVDs. In this method, I would suggest doing it by footage type, e.g. DVDs 1 & 2 for Christmas, DVD 3 for (some name)'s Birthday, etc.

With how cheap hard disks have become, my preferred method is to use two hard disks (1 internal + 1 external or 2 external) and this is how I store my digital photos and video footage. For example, a 1TB disk would hold a lot of HD footage. As it’s risky storing everything on one hard disk, by using two, you can use one as the main drive for your recordings and the second to periodically copy any recently added footage to, to avoid the risk of either hard disk ever giving a problem.

Thanks for the help Sean!

So if I grabbed let’s say an external hard drive or two, can I just move the .mts files from the camera to the hdd or do I have to include the other folders in the AVCHD folder shown in the camera?

In other words can I just save the files in the STREAM folder? or do I need anything else when backing up.I have these folders…

folder -BACKUP
folder -CLIPINF
folder -PLAYLIST
folder -STREAM

Do I need that other stuff when doing a backup so I can clear off the camera hdd? The Stream folder has the .mts files.


Generally the extra folders are only used by the camcorder itself, such as to keep records of what was recorded, store thumbnails for quick menu displaying and so on. Generally there is nothing worth keeping in these folders, however, it’s worth a quick check just in case your Camcorder stores digital stills (e.g. if it has a photo mode) in a separate folder.

The Stream folder should contain every piece of footage on the camcorder and most video editing applications never access anything from the other folders. If the other folders are small (e.g. a few megabytes in total), there’s no harm in backing them up, however, I can’t see them being needed again.

If you really want to be double-sure, a simple test would be to copy only the stream folder to your PC (or external HDD), disconnect the camcorder and check each editing suite you use to make sure it openes the footage fine. :slight_smile: