I know how this soounds but I got a piece of tape lodged in my cd/dvd r drive!

Ok, before you all post flames or that you lol at this here me out.

I’m cheap just to throw it out there, I wanted an inexpensive way to label CDs I burned. So after burning the CD in question I stuck a yellow piece of paper tape on the face of the disc and wrote my label on it. I figured there would be no problem because paper labels, which are basically paper and adhesive like the tape I used, can be made with special software and special printing paper but I didn’t want to shell out the cash for it.

I put the cd back in the drive to see if it burned right, I hadn’t tested to see if the cd had actual burned correctly yet. I heard a weird whirling noise so I hit the eject but fearing that the cd had cracked. It didn’t but my label was off the disc!!! Now when I use the drive I hear that same noise! How can I get the tape out of the drive??? Or is it doomed?

:bow: I understand how stupid I was but now I just want to fix my error. :bow:

You may have to do some disassembling of the drive .
You can try this but if the home made label doesn’t look complete you will probably have to take the drive out & open it up for a good cleaning.

  1. Turn off your computer .
  2. Use a paper clip to manually open the drive door.
    (assuming you know how to do that)
  3. Take some tweezers or long thin needle nose pliers & see if you can pull any paper out.

If you do get the paper out this way & the tape hopefully there isn’t any adhesive on the lens.