I kindly ask for a tutorial -- [freeze playback problem + 4hx3h res (?)]



(first: I would to cancel my previous post but I don’t find the command. don’t want to flood but this is more important. I beg pardon)

I ripped an hour video (dvd) with ratDVD.
it takes about 4 hours, better then estimations… I used MAX quality and the result was a 1.1gb file from a 1.92gb dvd video.
the result wasn’t bad. video was good in full screen (but the windowed version in wmp10 was something like 400x300… why? I haven’t seen any resolution switch in the options…). the problem is both audio and video play with an interrupted feeling for all the time, sometimes less others more. kinda as the gameplay run out of memory in a videogame…
I used the quality settings to 125. the pc didn’t freeze up (I even browsed for 10 minutes) so I don’t think RAM or virtual memeory were overmatched…

have someone write a tutorial for ratDVD? I haven’t found anything about.