I killed my LD 165H and SOHW1653S



I used DR16CS09 to upgrade the 1653s but I did not select this instead it tried to upgrade my DVD Rom, stuffed that up and also the DVD RW! The PC System does not even recognise these as connected hardware!

Where to from here? Chuck them out and buy new?

Any help appreciated




@ kiwited
try the very informative FAQs . Let us know how it goes:).


I have done that. I used mtkflash in dos etc. Nothing recognises these two (ex) drives! I cannot give a dos instruction to flash something that is invisible?

The DVD Rom 165h Nothing at all.
the SOHW-1653s, the dvd draw will open! Ok to hold a cup of tea!

I dont know what to do now. Anymore ideas?




If the tray works on the 1653S then the drive is ok. Remove the DVD Rom drive’s IDE cable and see if the 1653S works ok after a reboot. Post your results, because the next step is dependent on this result…


On boot up my two IDE hard Dicks are detected. A:, C & F.
Secondary Master None
Secondary slave None

(Formerly E & F)

The SOHW1653s green light glows when open drawer button is pressed. I tried several DVD’s (data and movie) in it separately of course, and closed the drawer. Green light goes out after about 10 seconds then nothing happens.

Using Explorer and PowereDVD, neither can show E or F Drives.

I’m not really bothered about the DVD Rom, they are relatively cheap to replace.

Whereto from here?

Thank you all



Can anyone advise of the prognosis? Are the drives dead? Can they be resurrected?



Tried something a few years ago with a bad flashed DVD-drive in a notebook (no more recognized) :

So I had to find the same model drive (working) … and once the notebook has booted with the working drive, I just replaced it with the wrong one, and could flashed it back… It revived !

So, try it by unplugging the good drive and replacing it with the bad one, once the PC booted … without power off, and Flash it.

Good Luck
I hope you’ll undestand my French English

Simsphil (France)


Did you do this?


I disconnected the IDE cable to the DVD Rom and when I rebooted the DVD RW was resurrected! Yee ha!
Now that that miracle has been performed, how do we fix the DVD Rom? They are only $A 39 new, if its a problem I can buy another


Pleased to hear it :). Now read this section of the Liteon FAQ.


This is the method I recommend, which I see is not mentioned on dhc014 site. :wink:

MTKFlash Instructions
1/ create a bootable dos disk. Remove all files except command.com, io.sys and msdos.sys (the system ones)
2/ download mtkflash 1.80 from http://dhc014.rpc1.org/howto.htm
3/ Add MTKFlash.exe to the disk.
4/ Get CH12.BIN from http://dhc014.rpc1.org/Files/DVD/XJ-HD165H_CH12.zip.
5/ Add this to the disk.
7/ Select the jumpers on your drive for master and remove all other drives.
8/ Boot to the DOS prompt using the disk created.
9/ Type in MTKFlash 3 w /b /m CH12.BIN. The 3 is secondary master. See the step 2 site for details.


Can the writer on “slave” & have other DVD-ROM as master…?


This is just for the flash only (so it works with the “3” in the suggested MTKFlash command line). After that I would recommend DVD writer on master and DVD-ROM on slave.


Hi c0deKing

Just returned from walking the two fox terriers around Alice Springs towncentre, logged and and prepped the bootdisk. One clarification required.

7/ Select the jumpers on your drive for master and remove all other drives.

I remove all drives by disconnecting the IDE cables from all of them, except the DVD ROM (target drive with jumper set as master) then activate the bootprocess?




In your case, just remove the 1653S (by unpluging the IDE cable) and make the 165H the secondary master.


At the A:\ prompt I typed the command as per your suggestion above. It worked 100%!!!
Thank you very much c0deKing, you resurrected two dead drives. Fantastic!