I keep getting this error message



not sure if this might be a problem with the actual cd-rs I have but I have been having problems installing a certain disc I get the error message : A problem occurred when trying to transfer the file “…(.dat)” from the media. I have been using Alcohol 120% for that cd and tried the profile SafeDisk. Should I try another profile or another program period, I used Nero 6 and got the same problem.

Thanks in advance.


It depends on the program you are trying to install.
Can you give some information on your CD/DVD Writer, Media and of course the program.


sure sorry about that…the program is Madden 2005 specifically the disc 2/3, I have a Lite-On LTR 48125W and the CD-Rs are Memorex (700MB/80 Min).


I thought Madden was safedisk, so it might be the media. Try to burn at a slower speed and see if that helps.


oo ok thanks the first disc I did at 4x and it works perfectly so that might be the case. Thanks alot man, hopefully it works.


still no luck im going to go get some new cd-rs, any suggestions by anychance?


Some good buys would be Verbatim DataLifePlus’s, Taiyo Yudens…