I keep getting this error in Nero

Here is the error I am getting, Ijust updated my Nero yesterday and I burned DVD’s no problem, now I keep getting this error? Here is the screen, Thanks

what exactly are you trying to burn? some burners can burn and read things others cannot. this maybe your problem

I am burning a nrg file, I have burn a allot of these, I just started getting this error, after burning some DVD’s with newest update, Thanks

Ok I burn iso images but not Nrg files, Thats very weird? NRG files are nero Image files? Whats wrong someone please help, Thanks

Bump! Thanks

did u just upgrade nero?

Yes I just upgraded Nero? Was working fine, I burned allot of images, Then it stop working??

@ kiaconcepts
next time it happens, save and post the error log.

I don’t think kiaconcepts need to save the log … :cop:

I’ve burned DVD’s from AVI’s a hundred times with NERO on my Plextor 712UF and only recently - AFTER UPDATING TO NEWEST NERO / NVE I get this message too !


And if I get one burned , only the first chapter works … :rolleyes:

I’m not new at burning ; I had a HP 7100 External , a Plextor 820 , a Lite-On 40125W ,
a Plex 24/10/40-U , a PlexPremium-U , Plextor 504A , LG GSA 4040B and now the Plex712UF …so I do now a bit about burning and this is Nero’s fault !

There was a problem with too !
I often add music to the menu , but it wouldn’t play on one DVD-player
and on another it played ; but no picture !!! :frowning:

The “funny” thing is I remember praising Nero here for because they resolved
the music-at-menus-bug http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=773962&postcount=6 ,
BUT I hadn’t tested recording AVI’s to make DVD !!! :a :a :a

I’m trying to find out where the problem is , because I never have had a “frisbee” before
on my Plextor712UF …

My guess is that “old AVI-files” (from or earlier) was burned perfect
and I thought everything was “EXTREMELY EXCELLENT” untill the AV-capture !!!

And another lousy surprice :a :a :a :
You cannot backup (in example with AnyDVD) Your movie-collection with !!!

This is way too buggy , Nero !!!

Please , others must have seen this too ! :confused: :rolleyes: :sad:

I recently have the same error. I used decrypter to burn the nrg file, Nero was not burning at all (only for nrg file). There is a new Nero version as of yesterday. Maybe it will solve this weird error.

kiaconcepts, have you solve your problem? Can you share?

Me again.
I updated everything.

The same exact error happens again with a NRG file. (Nero equivalent ISO image)

Anybody has the same problem? How can I fix this?