I just wanted to show you this

Please, look at this scan. This is… impossible. It’s supposed TY (I believe it’s fake) burned on some Plextor drive. Reader isn’t really great, but the errors can’t be atributed just to reader (which is new and doesn’t have trouble reading disks at all):

The users in this department making this recordings are complaining that they can’t read dhese disks properly… I wonder why :slight_smile:

Hi hlloyge,
could you please post more informations about this medium - brand name, country of origin,serial numbers (hub code), stamper code, etc.?
EDIT: could you please also rescan that disc at 8x or 16x speed and post the results?

The scan is exactly the same at lowest speed available, and that’s 10x for that drive. There is no brand name, they are white from above, country of origin is Croatia. For other info I will provide them if another one gets in my hand.