~~~ I just wanted to say ~~~

COOOOOOOOOONNNNGRATS!!! Sexy_S and I hope I’ll see you around here even when you reach 6000

congrats young lady.Have a great day today. :bigsmile:

Congrats my dear!!! I think it will cost me one more year to reach 3000

now , ssexy , pay me a beer :smiley:

well done :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

i was thinking of posting a nude …pic just as a thanks for letting me hang around here…what do ya think?


Sorry - I would of said more - but the visual image I just has stolen my tongue and stopped my heart. Someone please get a defibbulator - quick.

Of course - it is April 1st - so I am not sure whose nude pic you’d be showing>>> :confused: - :sad:

Congrats on 3,000 :eek: you Sexy_Freak :bigsmile:

Go SS! :iagree:

Go for it

1500 for me now :wink:

ssexy , what happened to your avatar ? :frowning:

Geez we’ll have to give you a posting limit as well I guess. I’ll contact Tax about it :smiley:

Congrats!!! SS!!

thanks guys you make me feel soo special…and cerb…you know i get bored easy so i thought a new avatar was in order…

:iagree: :bigsmile:


ok you asked for it…a nude pic to commemorate my 3000th post… Admin if its too much you can delete it…

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

Way to go, honey :iagree: