I just want to play a DVD on my PC

Hello. This is most definitely a NEWBIE question: I purchased a Panasonic DVD recorder and created my very first DVD-RW. Whoopee! I finalized it on the Panasonic, and I can view it on another Panasonic DVD player. When I try to view this DVD on my Windows XP Dell Dimension 1100, the computer does not recognize the disk. My DVD player is a Philips DVD±RW DVD8701, and the installed software is Sonic MyDVD and Windows Media Player. What am I missing here? Thanks for your help.

Try VLC. Just type it in your search and download.

Windows XP doesn’t come with a built-in dvd decoder for playing dvd video. Try VLC as advised, www.videolan.org

or Media Player Classic HomeCinema: http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/

Does the disk show up when you look at the drive in My Computer? You should be able to right click on the drive, hit Explore, and see the contents on the disk. If you can’t do that, then you have a bigger problem.

I installed both of those players (VLC and MPC), my DVD-RW disk is not being recognized. The D: drive is displayed by Explorer but the contents of the drive is a big fat blank.

Is it possible you formatted this disc as -RW(VR) mode?
Instead of V mode.
Also known as -VR or +VR mode.
The -VR mode is much less compatible with other players.
I don’t have a Panasonic so I can’t say if it even has these choices.
My Funai - R or -RW only does.

Hey Cholla, very informative post. I’m just a newbie 'cause you folks know so much. Is it possible the disc is not finalized?

Thanks ranspo ;I’m still learning myself I just know more now than when I was a newbie.
The OP posted that the disc was finalized.
I guess he could try ImgBurn Tools/Drive/Close/Disc just in case.
It is always better to finalize with the unit that did the recording though.

Stand alone DVD player/recorders copy in a different format thats why you can’t watch it on your computer

^ If it is recorded in Video mode and finalized properly, it should play with no problems on a computer or stand alone player.

I started this thread. This is a puzzle; I installed both VLC and MPC, finalized the DVD-RW on the Panasonic recorder. The Panasonic does not give me formatting choices, just “this disk is not formatted, do you want to format it?” I submitted an issue to Panasonic but of course they will not blame their machine now will they?

@Alan602;Heres a couple of things you might want to check & try.
Make sure that the setup menu doesn’t give you a formatting choice.
On my Funai unit the format option is located right above the finalize option.
If these are not in the setup menu then I think you do only have the +VR mode automatically set by your Panasonic unit.
The -RW’s still need to be formatted for your unit.I think this is done by using the “Erase” mode before you record with the disc the first time.From then on when you erase the disc it will be reformatted.

I should verify this with Philips but I’m pretty sure my Dell’s DVD drive does not support the -R format. I bought a set of blank +R disks, created a DVD+R on my Panasonic recorder, and it played just fine on my computer. The Panasonic is set to write DVD-RW(V) format, not (VR); there is no interface on the Panasonic to change the (V) setting. Thanks for all the messages. Shall we close this thread?