I just want to double-check with you guys before I buy this media



Hey guys,

I am trying to find good quality DVD-RW discs to buy. I don’t care too much about the price. I just want them to work without any problems.

I have searched around some of the recommended stores and have found these two products that I am interested in:



I just want to know which one I should buy. Are these good reliable discs?

Anyone have any objections before I make my purchase?

Thanks for the help. :bow:


At the moment, I would have concerns about buying Ritek DVD media, but that’s just me - I’d rather be safe than sorry a few months down the line.

Possibly one may be a better choice than the other, though, so I’d wait til a few more folk give their opinions. :slight_smile:


I may suggest, if you can find them, Verbatim ReWritables, as I’ve used these without problem and they are fantastic (MKM A02 coded discs). I’ve also used Sony PHILIPS.041 coded discs that are OK, but the Verbatims are better. Not really read any Ritek RW disc problems. You could always try them, they may turn out OK.


I’d go with the Verbs as well :iagree:…but I was wondering if there’s a reason the OP only has the two Riteks to pick from?


Verbatim -RW 4x or 6x rated if you want to stick to -RW.

Great stuff!


The reason I narrowed my choice down two the two riteks is because I was originally planning on buying a small ammout of dvd-rw’s (not +RW). And since I’ve bought from rima many times in the past with no problems I wanted to buy from them again. And rima has a very small selection of -rw’s so thats why I went with the riteks. Then when I checked SMS it seemed liek they had a better deal (just pay a little more and get 15 more discs) so that’s why I went with the Riteks.

BUT ANYWAYS… I have completely lost confidence in the riteks and now I am looking at verbatims. I read a couple of other posts and for the most part people seem happy with their verbatims.

Can someone shed some light on this:

I see they are DVD+RW and not -RW like I wanted… I don’t think it should be that much of a difference anyways. My main concern is their reliability. They are DataLifePlus which I read on the forum that that’s a good thing.


I’d go with +RWs because I’m a + media girl :)…but they should be absolutely fine, there shouldn’t be a reliability problem. And yeah, I believe DataLifePlus is a good thing, although I think the DataLifePlus logo isn’t being used much (if at all) any more. I’d buy them, with or without DLP, though. :slight_smile:

Just my own experience, you understand :wink:


General concensus here I think.

Verbatim 4x in +RW or 6x in -RW (these are supposedly the better buy) or Ricoh 8x +RW.


thanks for the help everyone. I decided to go with the Verbatim 4x +RW’s :smiley:


Also look at Newegg.com as they carry Verbatim as well.


grrr… already bought from rima. :slight_smile:


I’d be carefull when buying the Verbatim 5 packs… I got a a mixed batch. 5 MKMs and one Phillips… strange!