I just want it in black! Colour codes and what they mean!

Hello peepfreeks. I may want a new burnah and the 18A1H have taken my fancy. However, it is avalible only from one shoddy site with a shoddy site and they have listed three drives, which after several seconds of hard thinking I concluded was colour. Of course no details exist on which is which.

So, can anyone tell me which one of these is black

LITE-ON LH-18A1H-483C |
LITE-ON LH-18A1H-487C | This one appears to be retail
LITE-ON LH-18A1H-488C |

488C is black
487C is retail (multicolor)
483C is beige

Cheers chok0.

The 488C is black, the 483c is beige, and the 487C includes both bezels. Damn I’m slow.


this retail boxed one comes with all three bezels

I just realized it isnt SATA.

there’s pictures ya know

Airhead, I bought my LH-18A1P-487C/black (IDE) at itservice.se and got additional gray and silver bezel.
Just pick whatever you feel.

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I think Airhead wants SATA drive

Right rolling56.

@Airhead, Butik.it have black SH-16A7S. :wink:

Or This

Where would that be?

Bought it from itservice, 420:- incl. shipping compared to 475 + shipping.

newegg has pics