I just want all you guys to meet

someone whos captured my heart and soul…

please be nice to him…after all …he can share…:wink:

Hey Hun…Numbers4,13,32,44

you might wanna say hey to all of these freaks…and maybe explain the numbers to them :iagree:

OK then.

what those numbers meant ?

What is UID? Something to do with Symbian? or Unix?


Sexy_Southerner in love?

I am SO jealous - EH!!! Jeez - I got numbers too - see “7” - EH!!!

Great defense,BM. :slight_smile:

^Thanks - But love IS blind - guy probably has a cute butt or something - and I certainly cannot compete with that - also my wife may have something to say about the whole thing, etc, etc - eh!

^ Life get complicated,eh?

^But it is SUCH a cute butt and thong (even my favorite color) - eh!

get your wife the same model and color bm7. :slight_smile:

Well looks like My Baby, the most beautiful and wonderful woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, wants me to tell you a little something.

I will start with the UID, yes it is a Unix/Linux thing. Everyone who uses a Linux/Unix system has a unique login and password, just like this site does. That is the explination of a UID or User Id. I didn’t want one that was 1000 characters.

How about those numbers in my UID you ask? That is in reference to a spread sheet I made for Ms Southerner. They just reference certain rows. If she would like to give you a more detailed explanation she will.

So Hello Y’all. Glad to meet you.

Oh and because I am a total dumbass and forgot this in my first reply.

Baby that avatar does not do you ass justice. It is SO MUCH SEXIER than that little pic shows. I love it, worship your ass in fact. And I love you!!! :smiley:

You are the absolut greatest. I don’t know what else I can say. You are the best. And I love you so much.

OK, this is getting a little weird…
Maybe you guys should get a private forum or something… :wink:

so does that mean you are requesting an invite to the private room?:wink:


I’m jealous :iagree:

Numbers4_13_32_44, nice to meet you. I am sure we all can’t wait to se your avatar.

Good to meet you mate!