I just scanned my oldest disc

Look what I found in a drwwer. To be honest I can’t remember if I burnt it on a 1100 or 1300 NEC. Considering when it was burnt it still beats the G05 scan I posted in the testing section.

How is transfer rate test of this disc? Is it still readable?

Here’s the TRT, quite spikey but still readable:

Good disc :iagree: burned in 2000 and still readable :iagree:

Hardly written in 2000 :wink:

Not at all bad, Jay…why’s the date say 2000 on it, though?

I might scan my oldest disc later, if I can be arsed…only 2 years old, though. :slight_smile:

That’s the date stamp set by the PC, thoug I was using Me at the time so I most probably had it set wrong we are going back about 4 years now.

You gotta be kidding. I certainly expect better durability than that from any decent media, and at least 12 years without significant performance degradation from my best media. I’d personally re-burn and trash anything with such a troubled reading curve (you’ll notice than slowdowns happen even in places where PIE/PIF values seem to be OK).

Yet, it’s impossible to tell how the PIE/PIF plot would have looked in this drive when the disc was freshly burnt…! Without a reference, it’s a nonsense to judge of media stability. Just thinking out loud. :wink:

Another thought: I’d rather see a LiteOn scan for an old NEC burn. The Benq is rather picky with CLV burns from other drives, even recent ones, so I definitly don’t want to trust it for this burn that has probably been performed @2.4X (am I mistaken, [B]JayC30[/B]?)…

I wouldn’t be so quick to blame it degredation, the disc has a few scratches on it, especially near the edge.

As to the speed, you’ve got to be kidding, me remembering that far back, lordy I have trouble remembering what I did last month let alone the burn speed of a few years ago. :bigsmile: All I know is it’s a Verb.

I wasn’t. :disagree:

lordy I have trouble remembering what I did last month let alone the burn speed of a few years ago
Fair enough :bigsmile:

I hate to say it, but this is far from the first time I’ve seen major lifespan issues with MCC (from both Singapore and Taiwan) media in the last GB or so. This has been documented a few times in hardwarezone’s “Unofficial HWZ Surviving DVD Media Durability Scan Thread”. To be honest, I’m starting to doubt how suitable MCC media is for any sort of long term use. :frowning:

When i check media forum the first 01RG20 appear late 2003 also i bought 00RG20 in 2003 so i still doubt it’s that old :wink:

I’ll have a hard time buying this. At the beginning of last year (this was before joining CDFreaks), I’ve spent about 3 months searching the web for resources and feedback about media longevity (I was looking for the best alternative to the Ritek G04 discs I had mostly been using, having heard about the drop in manufacturing quality).
As aging tests conducted by consumer reviews and the german magazine C’t mentioned MCC media as being among the best bets, I’ve specifically searched for user feedback about Verbatim and MCC. I haven’t found any of the negative reports ([I]specific[/I] to MCC, that is) that you’re mentioning. :confused:

Now, since I joined CDFreaks, I haven’t come across negative reports about MCC stability. There have been complaints about the burning quality of MCC due to variation (sometimes dramatic ones :doh: ) between sources (country…) etc…, but that’s about it. Ever before I read your post above, nothing striked me as a possible indication that I’ve been mistaken when considering MCC DVD media being among the most stable on the market. I’m not a stubborn person, so I’m interested, but I want to read the reports myself.

I just googled and couldn’t find the thread you mentioned… can you help?

Actually Frank I wouldn’t have a hard time buying that. After all it isn’t just the disc that decides longevity, as you know. I noticed the poster said “the last GB or so” I wonder how they were stored? Binders (poor quality ones) and sleaves are already known to cause problems if the discs are on there edge. The questions are: How many people know this? and: How were the discs stored by the people complaining about the degredation?

@CJ already covered that further up the thread.

I don’t think you got my point… :confused: (sorry if it wasn’t clear).

I’m not saying that I don’t believe that some have experienced problems. I’m saying that I have a hard time buying the idea that MCC media is in general unstable, and this is actually for the very same reasons (among others) as the ones you mention in you post:

I noticed the poster said “the last GB or so” I wonder how they were stored? [B]Binders (poor quality ones[/B]) and [B]sleaves [/B]are already known to cause problems if the discs are on there [B]edge[/B]. The questions are: How many people know this? and: [B]How were the discs stored by the people complaining about the degredation?[/B]
That’s why I said that I want to read the reports myself… hehe… :wink:

Good point, Franck.

I tried googling it too and nothing came up like for you, I even tried different variations of the name. Though I wonder how many people have said how they store their discs. If you think about it on here, peole complain about media but don’t say how it is stored. It is only after we ask do we find out that either it has been stored on its’ edge or has a bad sticky label on.

My 1640 gives scans with similar results to my Liteon when scanning 2.4x and 4x burned discs from my NEC 1300, so I doubt it’s an issue. I have some quite old 2x and 2.4x burns from my NEC that still scan great in the Benq and Liteon, great older burner :smiley: .

The errors from the scan look typical of a disc that has seen some rough handling and has surface scratches, I’m guessing the scan would be pretty good if it was in perfect physical condition.

I know the posts in question but I think you should know a few things about what is going on in HWZ :

  • There was a type of Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R known unofficially as the “pinky stripe” discs (because of a large pink stripe across the centre of the discs) that were on sale in Singapore about a year or so ago. These were budget discs both in price and quality. The price made them attractive but the reflective layer tended to corrode from the outer layer off. Verbatim Singapore palmed them off here quickly and never made them again. My guess is these were B grade discs (they were also the older X47A type of discs). To my knowledge, they were never sold outside of the country.

  • One of the people in HWZ has had problems with Verbatim 4x DVD-R discs but mostly those.

  • People have reported quality control problems with Verbatim discs in the country. I have observed that these discs tend to be distributed either by Verbatim Hong Kong or Verbatim Asia Pacific. You’re not going to get those in your part of the world. The normal Verbatim discs without those distribution labels do not seem to have those problems.

Hey all. :smiley:

[B]Francksoy:[/B] It is true, MCC discs do VERY well in accelerated aging tests. I don’t know, perhaps the “problem” (if it exists) does not show up in accelerated aging tests? It’s plausible…

You should probably know that MCC004 is probably tied for my #1 most burned MID, along with YUDEN000T02, so I’m not completely anti-MCC, if you know what I mean. I’m just saying there may sometimes be longterm issues which need to be investigated a little further. If anyone else here has old (1+ years) MCC discs, I’d love to see how they scan. :iagree:

Here are a few examples of the problems I was referring to in the HWZ thread. If you have the time, I’d recommend reading the whole thread, as it’s quite interesting.


[B]JayC30:[/B] You bring up some good points regarding media storage. I can’t tell you for how the HWZ posters store their media, though. It’s probably also worth noting that HWZ is a predominantly Singaporean forum, which mean high humidity and heat are the norm. I know MacClipper reads this forum, so maybe he could offer some insight? :confused:

[B]karangguni:[/B] You too, raise some valid points. These “pinky stripe” Mitsubishi discs may be part of the problem. It is also true that Asia (excluding Japan, of course) may be a dumping ground for MCC. I wouldn’t know, though.

Here are a few Verbatim (printable) 02RG200 from late 2003. Think i got 20 or 30 in total - all still fine discs :slight_smile: