I just paid for TUNEBITE and it wont let me enter serial key! HELP!

I am VERY upset right now. I just paid for “TUNEBITE PLATINUM” and when I went to enter the “serial” under the “options” tab, NOTHING would come out! It will not let me enter the serial! What is going on here? Did just get ripped off? How the heck do you open the stinkin’ thing? It says “unregistered” too. What is going on here? PLEASE HELP!

If you paid for it then they probably have technical support available… why don’t you go to the official sources that actually control the service?

Well I ordered “tunebite platinum” and it will not let me enter the serial number they provided. I tried to contact them, but every email response I got was “Failure Notice”. I have just been scammed out of $35 that I work very hard for. Do not EVER buy from this company. They just scammed me out of my money. :a

When you open the program up you should get a screen that you can enter the serial number into. Just copy and past it then. If not when it reaches the main program screen it will have a button at the top if I reember correctly which sas register. That will open the same window to enter the serial in.

Are you using the latest version of the software?
Have you had an older version on the software installed at all?
Are you sure you have a license for Tunebite and not RadioTracker?