I just order a BenQ 1655 External

i just order today a BenQ 1655 from this site this is the BenQ that i order
here the link http://meritline.stores.yahoo.net/combo-benq-dw1655-and-galaxy-5-25-enclosure.html but
now am not sure if it is made to be used were i am from my Region USA
Florida can any BenQ 1655 from what ever state you buy it from would
it work in any state that you go to or are from

should be fine… as long as you have a consistent voltage in the us… as for the region, you can change that when you get it…

hi (haveacigar)
so i can buy a benq 1655 from what ever state in the world and it would
work in any state or conutry in the world :confused:

Yes all optical drives have no region on them when made, there are 5 chances to change it after that it is locked.

ok thanks (JayC30)
how about when it comes media dvds and also i live in the United States
Florida do you know what region i would need to set it up to for that
region for the BenQ 1655 External the resoan i was asking was caues i
have a Friends that live in a other country befor and bought a ps2 from
were he was from and when he came to the United States the ps2 did
not work for him becaues it was not from here

That would be region 1, as it is the standard for the us. For europe it is 2 …etc…

After a disk is burned, it is in either pal, or ntsc. Pal is europe, and ntsc is america. When buying ps2 games, it has to match the console, so if it is a pal game, it has to be on a pal console. Same with Ntsc.

As have has said consoles are a different kettle of fish, and unless modded are locked to region and format.

Burners do not place a region on discs when burnt, but a format NTSC and PAL are two of the many, by the way have PAL is not the only format in the EU there is SECAM too.

ok am slow when it comes to all these kind of things i think i got it
so Burners like BenQ and Other do not come lock they can be used
any were in the world you are from the 5 chances to change after that
is locked it for the region seting for the dvd you make right not to lock
the burner for it to work only on that state

I am not sure I understand what you mean.

The region the drive will be locked to is the last region entered as a change. You can use region free software, for example AnyDVD, and region free modded firmware to get round this but both must be used before the drive is locked, as I understand it. Using modded firmware will void your warranty and so you may want to wait until you have a better understanding of things before going down that route. I hope that helps.

what i am trying to find out is if i buy a BenQ 1655 from any were in the
world would it only work in that part of the world that i bought like for
example if you buy a ps2 consoles from china and i try to use that ps2
consoles in the United States were i am from it wont work is it the same
when it comes to dvd burners like the BenQ 1655 External

whhen it comes to regions and formats the United States is one big region/country.

the ENTIRE US uses region 1 as a standard.

the ENTIRE US uses NTSC as a format.

dvd burners are only region locked (and even then you get 5 changes) The region may come as unspecified or it may come already as region 1. you’ll find out when you put your first disc in.

computer drives don’t have to worry about the format (PAL vs. NTSC) Consoles do.

thanks (reasonsnotrules)(haveacigar)(JayC30)
for the help and info